Adoptee Artists

Painting of Face in Mirror by IC Adoptee.png
Adoptee Reflection in the Mirror by artist Tamieka Small

Art is an awesome medium for which adoptees can further express their ideas, views, and lives lived.  Here are a few intercountry adoptees who have expressed themselves via art online.

Kev Minh Allen : Photographer & Poet

Sara Tafere Barnes : Pastels, Oil, Pencil, Mixed Media artist

Corinne Beaumier : Multimedia photography, videography

Xhiv Bogart : Painting, Photography, Print, Sculpture

Daniel Drennan : Woodblock & Silkscreen prints

Jane Jin Kaisen : Visual Artist

Anh Ðà Kolbe : Photographer

Katie Hae Leo : Writer, Performer, Educator

Lynelle Long : Photographer

Gabby Malpas : Still life paintings & prints

Alex Myung : Short films

Tori Grace Nichols : Prismatic Performance Artist

Mi Ok : Drawings

Grace Payne : Fine Artist

Roshani Priddis : Singer

Jared Rehberg  : Musician

Matthew Salesses : Author

Lisa Wool-Rim Sjoblom : Comic Book Artist

Tamieka Small : Painter & Blogger

Tia Terry : Painter, Sculptor, Print & Ceramics

Multi listing of various Adoptee Artists

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