Adoptee Artists

Adoptee Reflection in the Mirror by artist Tamieka Small

Art is an awesome medium for which adoptees can further express their ideas, views, and lives lived.  Here are a few intercountry adoptees who have expressed themselves via art online.

Kev Minh Allen : Photographer & Poet

Mary-Kim Arnold : Poet, Writer & Visual Artist

Sara Tafere Barnes : Pastels, Oil, Pencil, Mixed Media artist

Corinne Beaumier : Multimedia photography, videography

Xhiv Bogart : Painting, Photography, Print, Sculpture

Daniel Drennan : Woodblock & Silkscreen prints

Havar Espedal : Photographer

Jonas Haid : Visual Artist – Drawings

A.D Herzel : Drawings, Mixed Media, Print

Jane Jin Kaisen : Visual Artist

Anh Ðà Kolbe : Photographer

Katie Hae Leo : Writer, Performer, Educator

Lynelle Long : Photographer (First return trip to Vietnam; Second return trip)

Gabby Malpas : Still life paintings & prints

Alex Myung : Short films

Tori Grace Nichols : Prismatic Performance Artist

Mi Ok : Drawings

Grace Payne : Fine Artist

Roshani Priddis : Singer

Jared Rehberg  : Musician

Matthew Salesses : Author

Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez : Visual Artist (Interdisciplinary)

Lanise A Shelley : visual artist, actress, playwright

Lisa Wool-Rim Sjoblom : Comic Book Artist

Tamieka Small : Painter & Blogger

Dianne Sonnenberg : Architectural Mosaics; her adoption mosaic Embrace

Tia Terry : Painter, Sculptor, Print & Ceramics

Caleb Yee :

Multi listing of various Adoptee Artists