Documentaries / Films


Below is a list of documentaries/films about the intercountry / transracial journey, by intercountry adoptees by Country of Origin.

Hong Kong

Abandoned, Adopted Here (Lucy Sheen, documentary about Hong Kong adoptees raised in Britain)


Calcutta Is My Mother (Reshma McClintock, adopted to USA)

Lion (film about Saroo Brierley, adopted to Australia, adapted from his book)

You Follow: A Search for One’s Past (Nisha Grayson, adopted to USA)

South Korea

Resilence (by Tammy Chu, documentary about Sth Korean adoptee who reunites with his bio mother and their struggle to become family again)

Twinsters (twins Anais Bordier & Samantha Futerman, adopted to France & USA)

Found in Korea (Nam Holtz, adopted to USA)


Closure: A Documentary about Adoption (Angela Tucker, African American transracial adoptee)


Daughter of Danang (Heidi Bub, adopted to USA)