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Historically, much of the academic collection of research in the intercountry adoption arena has been driven and led by professionals with little understanding of what it’s like to live the experience.

This page is dedicated to compiling intercountry adoption research led by intercountry adoptee academics who bring a different outlook and perspective to the knowledge of adoption.

Amanda Baden
Multiple publications
Delaying Adoption Disclosure – A Survey of Late Discovery Adoptees

Bert Ballard
Multiple publications

Faith Beacham
American Illegal Adoptions

Gabbie Beckley
Human Rights & Social Justice in Intercountry Adoption

Christof Bex / Atamhi Cawayu
Comparison between Transnational Adoptees and Unaccompanied Minors
Global families, global inequalities. The politics of child relinquishment, search and reunion in transnational adoption
From Primal to Colonial Wound: Bolivian adoptees reclaiming the narrative of healing 

Susan Branco (nee Alvardo)
Multiple plublications
Navigating both and understanding the complex needs of Latino/a adoptees.
Carrying the burden: Counselors of Color experiences with client microaggressionsin counselling.
The Colombian Adoption House: A Case Study

Andrea Peláez Castro
Adoptar en España: Evaluaciõn y Apoyo para Prevenir la Ruptura (Adoption in Spain: Evaluation and Support to Prevent Rupture/Breakdown)

Daniel Cidrelius
Tourism’s Role in Sri Lanka’s Adoption Practice by D Cidrelius

Chandra Kala Clemente-Martínez
Special Issue: Irregularities in Transnational Adoptions and Child Appropriations: Challenges for Reparation Practices **NEW

Stephanie Cooper-Lewter
Identity Journey’s: Life Stories of Women Adopted Transnationally as Children

Andre-Anne Cote
Chinese Identity and Nationalism through Chinese adoption and immigration in Canada
Comparison of Intercountry Child Adoption in South Korea and China Population, Welfare and Soft Power
Giving Answers to the Hidden Children in Canada: Causes of International Adoption in China

Farnad Darnell
Adoption Identity

Max de Blank
Rethinking Adoptee Politics in the Netherlands: A Queer of Colour Critique

Peter Dodds
The Parallels between Intercountry Adoption & Slavery
Problems of Intercountry Adoption

Daniel Drennan (aka Daniel Ibn Zayd)
Multiple publications

Jessica J Fry
Asian American Transracial Adoptees: Identity Development in College

Ian Anand Forber-Pratt
A review of the literature on Deinstitutionalisation and Child Protection Reform in South Asia

Karin J Garber
“You were adopted?!”: An Exploratory Analysis of Microaggressions experienced by Adolescent Adopted Individuals

Janeice A Garrard
Attachment and Identity in Higher Education: Lived Experiences of Korean Adoptees

Dominic Golding
Being White: Art, Writing & Performance Making by Vietnamese and Korean Transnational Adoptees

Elizabeth Goode
It’s a Complicated Thing: A biographical-narrative exploration of the experiences and identities of adult intercountry adoptees in Australia

Amandine Gray
The Political Mobilisation of Transnational or Transracial Adoptees: From Peer Support to Advocacy (French)

Ryan Gustafsson
Theorizing Korean transracial adoptee experiences: Ambiguity, substitutability, and racial embodiment

Zoë Haakenstad
Becoming Asian in America: Asian American Adoptees and Challenging Identity in the White Family

Kelly Hancox
Adoptees Revisiting China

Nicholas D Hartlep
Multiple publications
Balancing Two Worlds: Supporting Transracially Adopted Asian/American Students on the College Campus
Unboxing Asian American Transracial Adoptee Collegian Identities

HeeRa Heaser
Korean Australian Adoptee Diasporas

Maya Xian Hewitt
A Quiet Migration: the Acculturation of British Chinese Adoptees in the United Kingdom

Marijane Huang
International and Transracial Adoptees: Experiences of Racism and Racial Discrimination and Personal Coping Styles

Tobias Hubinette
Multiple publications
From Orphan Trains to Babylifts: Colonial Trafficking, Empire Building, and Social Engineering
Comforting an Orphaned Nation: Representations of International Adoption and Adopted Koreans in Korean Popular Culture
The International adoptees of Sweden and the theory of Multiple Burdens

Lianna Johnstone
Where do I belong? An in-depth look at how adoption affects identity formation in Chinese American adoptees

Jennifer Jue-Steuck
Reflections on Being and Becoming an Adult Transnational Adoptee in the USA

Eleana Kim
Producing missing Persons

JaeRan Kim
Multiple publications
ICAR6 Presentation on Intercountry Adoption Displacement 
Korean Adoptees as Parents: Intergenerationality of Ethnic, Racial, and Adoption Socialisation
The Inclusive Family Support Model: Facilitating Openness for
Post-Adoptive Families

“Forever family is like a manufactured Hallmark idea”: Adoption discontinuity experiences of intercountry adoptees

Oh Myo Kim
Multiple publications

Gabrielle Guiying Kuhn
A Survey of National Identity in Transracial & Transnational Chinese Adoptees

Nicolette Lecy
Ethno-racial Identity Development Factors of Chinese American Adoptees

Hélène Laffitte
Racines Coréennes: première association de personnes adoptées d’origine étrangère en France (1995). Histoire collective et mémoires individuelles. (History of the Organization of transnational adoptees in France from 1980s to today).

Hollee McGinnis
Expanding the concept of birthparent loss to orphans: Exploratory findings from adolescents in institutional care in South Korea

Kimberly McKee
Multiple publications

Kim Park Nelson
Multiple publications

Patrick Noordoven
Human Rights Under Pressure: The Removal of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child from the European Union’s Acquis Communautaire
Double Subsidiarity Principle and the Right to Identity
Intercountry Adoption and the Right to Identity: The Application of the Subsidiarity Principle in Brazil

Rosemarie Pena (scroll down the page to find her name)
Contextualising the Black German American Adoptee Experience
From Both Sides of the Atlantic: Black German Adoptee Searches in William Gage’s Geborener Deutscher (Born German)

Alessia Petrolito
Black But Italian, Not Just Black, More than Italian

Christopher Nguyen Pheneger
The Language of Race: A Qualitative Study on the Racial Identity Development of Transracial Asian American Adoptees

Julien Pierron
Donnees Socio-Familiales de l’Adoption Internationale en France by J PierronDescriptive study performed from the first 800 records of intercountry adopted children to France seen at the Overseas Adoption Consultation Monléon J. V. Doctor CHU Dijon

Eden Robertson
Remnants of Adoption: Rejection Sensitivity, Attachment & Adult Intimacy Issues

Jini Roby
Human Rights, Politics & Intercountry Adoption: An Examination of Two Sending Countries
Illicit Intercountry Adoption Practices: Sale of Children or Trafficking in Persons?
Birth Parents as Victims of Trafficking in Intercountry Adoption
From Rhetoric to Best Practice: Children’s Rights in Intercountry Adoption
Family Group Conferencing as a Culturally Adaptable Intervention: Reforming Intercountry Adoption in Guatemala
Human Rights Considerations in Intercountry Adoption: The Children and Families of Cambodia and Marshall Islands
Adoption Activities on the Internet: A Call for Regulation
Understanding Sending Country’s Traditions and Policies in International Adoptions: Avoiding Legal & Cultural Pitfalls
If I Give You My Child, Aren’t We Family? A Study of Birthmothers Participating in Marshall Islands-US Adoptions
The Feasibility of Intrafamily and In-Country Adoptions in the Marshall Islands
Openness in International Adoptions: A Study of US Parents who adopted Children from Marshall Islands
Social Justice and Intercountry Adoptions: The role of the US Social Work Community

Mary Robinson
Living a Parallel Life- Memoirs and Research of a Transnational Korean Adoptee by M Robinson

Prema Suma
An Autoethnographic Journey of Intercountry Adoption by P Malhotra

Rachel Kim Tschida
Unwed Mothers Experience Limited Reproductive Choices in South Korea

Karlijn Van Driel
Home and Belonging among Female Chinese adoptees in the Netherlands

Jessica Walton
More than a Korean adopteeSupporting the Interests of the Intercountry Adoptee beyond Childhood
Korean Adoptees and Transnational Adoption: Embodiment and Emotion

Hilbrand Westra
International Adoption and the Fight for Human Rights

Emma Wexler
Invisible Immigrants: The Politics of Transnational/racial Asian American Adoptees

Hannah Hyun White
Between Two Worlds: A Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experiences of Asian American Transracial/Transnational Adoptees Engaging in Activism and Advocacy Work

Laura X Williams
The Missing Peace: Offerings from the Study of Adoption, Culture, and Identity

 Indigo Willing
Multiple publications
Intercountry Adoption: Privilege, Rights and Social Justice

Hannah Wing
Microfictions and Microaggressions: Counsellors’ Work with Transracial Adoptees in Schools