ICAV actively represents intercountry adoptee interests at Government meetings. Below we capture some of the Government meetings ICAV has been involved in over the years.

Australian PM Senior Adviser Meeting

Australian DSS & AGD Meeting

Australian Federal Minister Meeting

Australian Green’s Senator Rachel Siewert Meeting

Australian DSS Meeting

US Government Citizenship Meetings

Vietnamese Ministry of Justice Meeting

The Hague Working Group to Prevent & Address the Illicit Practices in Intercountry Adoption

US Department of State Intercountry Adoption Symposium

ICAV actively blogs about the needs and rights of intercountry adoptees. Below is a list of some of the blogs we have written specifically about our needs and rights.

What is in our Best Interests as Intercountry Adopted People?

The Cycle of Harm in Celebrity Adoptions

Dealing with Adoptee Suicide

The Lived Experience of Illicit Intercountry Adoption

Adoptee Citizenship

Rehomed and Abandoned too many Times

What Adoptees Lose in Intercountry Adoption

Mental Health and Adoption

What Intercountry Adoptees Need

Degrees of Being Trafficked in Intercountry Adoption

US Citizenship

Human Rights for Adoptees in Intercountry Adoption

Twins separated by Adoption Agencies

Adoptee Services need to be funded by Government

When is Adoption NOT in the interest of Adoptees?

Adoptee academic on UNCRC and Intercountry Adoption

In Who’s Interest are Australia’s Adoption Reforms?

Why is it important to have Adoptee Voices in the Public Arena