Here is a list of books written by intercountry & transracial adoptees from around the world in various languages but mainly english.

Books by Birth Country


Bengaalse Curry met een bloemkoolsausje (Rina Duijnker, in Dutch)


Never Stop Walking: A Memoir of Finding Home Across the World (Christina Rickardsson)

Il Cammino tra le Età (Gilda Francesca Chisena, in Italian)


Kids Like Me in China (Ying Ying Fry)

Grenzeloos Gewenst (Indra Hagelstein) in Dutch; Desired without borders – A collection of poetry about adoption

An Adoptee’s Journey (Iris Baijing Hubbard)

The Heart of the Matter (Maya Luque) a personal reflection on how EMDR helped

The Newest Flower (Juliese Padgett) a book on being different for children


Home Sweet Casa: A Journey to the Universal Heart (Mariela Andersen)

I Met Myself in October: A Memoir of Belonging (Jacob Taylor-Mosquera)

Ze noemden mij mosquito: over verwaarlozing, misbuik, ontworteling en kracht
They Called Me Mosquito: about neglect, abuse, uprooting, and power (Mosquito Mosquera, in Dutch)

Terug naar het begin – Een adoptieverhaal uitvergroot (Sarah Changuna Patel)

Niet alles is Goud / Not Everything is Gold (Mauricio Plat) poetry in Dutch

What White Parents Should Know about Transracial Adoption (Melissa Guida-Richards)

Adoption : låta själen läka / Adoption: let the soul heal (Carolina Skyldberg, in Swedish & Spanish)


My Father’s Daughter: A Story of Family and Belonging (Hannah Pool)


Sara et Tsega (Julie Foulon, in French)


Outer Search Inner Journey (Peter Dodds)

My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me (Jennifer Teege in English & German)


Ripped at the Root (Dena’s story by Mary Cardaras)

Beyond the Third Door (Maria Heckinger)

A Son from the Mountains : A Memoir (Andrew Mossin)

De Adoptiemonologen (Marina Van Dongen, in Dutch)


Le Chant du bouc (Carmen Maria Vega, in French)

Mom, I’m Not Dead (Mariela SR) in Dutch coming soon!

Split at the Root : A Memoir of Love and Lost Identity (Catana Tully)


The Perks of Being an Adoptee (Mae Claire)

Rainbows But Not Unicorns (Mae Claire)

Mon Adoption Mon Calvaire (Sabine Isabelle, in French)

Magnitude 7.3 (Tinan Leroy)

Hong Kong

Ungrateful – A Paper Daughter (poetry by Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen)

Finding Ching Ha: A Novel (by Maya Fleischmann)


A Long Way Home (Saroo Brierley; LION movie adapted from this book)

Adopté dans le vide (Adopted in a vacuum by Christian Demortier, Flemish)

Garuda: L’ Instinct de survie de mon autre moi (The Survival Instinct of My Other Self by Souda Carlton, French)

La Dou Tu Viens (Where do you come from, by Jasmine Cerfontaine)

Daughter of the Ganges: The Story of Girl’s Adoption and her Return Journey to India (Asha Miro)


Postpakketjes Van Overzee (Postal Package from Overseas: legalised child trafficking in adoption of children from Indonesia, by Dewi Deijle, in Dutch; English coming soon)


Er du her stadig i morgen? en historie om at vaere adopteret (Jeanette Som Munk, in Danish); Being released on 18 June 2021


Searching for Me: An Adoptee’s Journey of Faith, Family & Belonging (Scott Sullivan)


On the Other Side of the Eye (Bryan Thao Worra)


Geadopteerd zonder identiteit (Steven Sonneveld, Dutch)

Slaaf van je eigen gedachten (Steven Sonneveld, Dutch)

New Zealand

White Moko (Tim Tipene, white NZer adopted to a Maori family)


J’ai été volée a mes Parents (I’ve been Stolen from my Parents by Celine Giraud)


My Third Parents: Orphanage to an American Dream (Fernando Kuehnel)

Marilyn (Amanda Reavey)

Other Words for Grief (Lisa Marie Rollins – Black Filipino)


Memories of Childhood: Life in the Romanian Orphanages (Nicolae Burcea)

The Tip Jar (Viorica Culea)

L’Enfant et le Dictateur (Marion Le Roy Dagen)

Abandoned for Life (Izidor Ruckel)


My Russian Side (Alex Gilbert)

Through Adopted Eyes: A Collection of Memoirs from Adoptees (Elena Hall)

Infinitely More (Alex Krutov)

The Boy from Baby House 10 (Vanya Lahutsky)

Unsinkable: From Russian Orphanage to Paralympic Swimming World Champion (Jessica Long)

My Life in Siberia Russia (Anya Mowry)


Un livre à la mer (Eugénie B, French); Uprooted from Rwanda (English)

Sierra Leone

A Princess Found: An American Family, An African Chiefdom, and the Daughter Who Connected them all (Sarah Culberson)
Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina (Michaela DePrince)

South Korea

Separated @ Birth: A True Love Story of Twin Sisters Reunited (Anais Bordier & Samantha Futerman)

L’adoption internationale, mythes et réalités (Johee Bourgain) / Intercountry adoption, myths and realities in French

88 Je me Souviens (Kimura Boyl) in French

All You Can Ever Know (Nicole Chung)

Dust of the Streets: The Journey of a Biracial Orphan of the Korean War (Thomas Park Clement)

Paper Pavilion (Poetry by Jennifer Kwon Dobbs)

Handbook to Korea: for your next trip back (Jodi Gill) ***NEW

Extraordinary Journey: The Lifelong Path of the Transracial Adoptee (Mark Hagland with 13 transracial adoptees) *** NEW

Adopterad : en bok om Sveriges sista Rasdebatt (Tobias Hübinette in Swedish) Adopted: A book about Sweden’s last race debate

Adoptees: We Are Not Who They Think We Are (Janine Myung Ja, author of multiple other books)

Ghost of Sangju: A Memoir of Reconciliation (Soojung Jo)

Keurium (A novel about intercountry adoption by Jessica Sun Lee)

Not My White Saviour: A Memoir in Poems (Julayne Lee)

Gul utanpå (Patrik Lundberg) in Swedish

I Survived Childhood: A Memoir of Abandonment, Betrayal and Healing (Hyun Martin)

Autobiographical Comic (Sarah Myer)

Cries of the Soul: The True Story of a Korean Adoptee’s Fight to Survive (Khara Nine)

Faith & Favour : Discovering Family at Fifty (Lisa A Quaites) mixed race Korean adoptee

Single Square Picture: A Korean’s Adoptee’s Search for Her Roots (Katy Robinson)

Incovenient Daughter: A Novel (Lauren J Sharkey)

Palimpsest (Lisa Wool-Rim Sjoblom in Dutch) English version here

Famous Adopted People (A Novel by Alice Stephens)

The Language of Blood (Jane Jeong Trenka)

Fugutive Visions: An Adoptee’s Return to Korea (Jane Jeong Trenka)

The Search for Mother Missing: A Peek Inside International Adoption (Janine Vance)

Twins Found in a Box: Adapting to Adoption (Jeanine Vance)

Older Sister. Not Necessarily Related (Jenny Heijun Wills)

Welkom in Adoptieland een persoonlijke en kritische zoektocht (Anouk Eigenraam) in Dutch / Welcome to Adopted Country: A Personal and Critical Search

Sri Lanka

Het verdriet van Sri Lanka (Sanne van Rossen in Dutch), The Adoption Cover Up of Sri Lanka (English version)

You’ll Always be White to Me: A Memoir (Garon Wade)


Lucky Girl: A Memoir (Mei-Ling Hopgood)

Beyond Two Worlds: A Taiwanese-American Adoptee’s Memoir & Search for Identity (Marijane Huang)


The black elephant calling, confessions of a journey in search of one’s own identity (Matteo Fraschini Koffi)

UK Transracial

My Name Is Why (Ethiopian British Transracial adoptee, Lemn Sissay)

US Transracial

Adopted Out Memoir (African American adoptee, S M Ezeff)

Goodbye, SaraJane: A Foster Child Writes Letters to Her Mother (Black Transracial adoptee, Sequoya Griffin)

Growing up Black in White (Black Transracial adoptee, Kevin Hofmann)


On My Brother’s Shoulders (Ty Andre)

Other Streets (Photographic documentary by Mark F Erickson)

Shrimp (Dominic Hong Duc Golding)

In the Arms of Grace: One Child’s Journey  (LeChristine Hai)

Anseo (Úna-Minh Kavanagh)

Operation Babylift: Mission Accomplished, A memoir of hope and healing (Aryn Lockhart)

Oceans Apart: A Voyage of International Adoption (Mary Reed)

Heart of Stone (Hoa Stone)


Australian Intercountry Adoptees

The Colour of Difference: Journeys in Transracial Adoption

The Colour of Time: A Longitudinal Exploration of the Impact of Intercountry Adoption in Australia (Sequel to The Colour of Difference; Edited and compiled by Lynelle Long. Hardcopy books can be purchased via ICAV)

Canadian Intercountry Adoptees

La Couleur de l’adoption (The Colours of Adoption, in French)


Decoding Our Origins: The Lived Experience of Colombian Adoptees


Invisible Asians: Korean American Adoptees Experiences & Racial Exceptionalism

Once They Hear My Name: Korean Adoptees and their Journeys Toward Identity

Seeds from a Silent Tree: An Anthology by Korean Adoptees

The Unknown Culture Club: Korean Adoptees, Then and Now

Voices from Another Place: A Collection of Works from a Generation Born in Korea and Adopted to Other Countries

Native American

Native American Transracial Adoptees Tell Their Stories


De Adoptie Monologen (Marina Van Dongen, The Adoption Monologues in Dutch)


Coming out of the Fog (Zoe Lowdermilk-Oppenheim) an anthology by UK Chinese intercountry adoptees


Flyet fra Saigon (Flown from Saigon – the early Vietnamese adoptees to enter Norway as early as 1968, in Norwegian)

Vietnamese Adopted: A Collection of Voices

Other Compilations

Adoption and Multiculturalism: Europe, the Americas and the Pacific

Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists

Black Anthology: Adult Adoptees Claim Their Space

Chosen: Living with Adoption

Dear Wonderful You, Letters to Adopted & Fostered Youth

Extraordinary Journey: The Lifelong Path of the Transracial Adoptee

Flip the Script: Adult Adoptee Anthology

In Search of Belonging: Reflections of Transracially Adopted People

Lost Daughters: Writing Adoption from a Place of Empowerment

Outsiders Within: Writing on Transracial Adoption

Parenting As Adoptees

Perpetual Child: Adult Adoptee Anthology Dismantling the Stereotype

Pieces of Me: Who do I want to Be? Voices for and by Adopted Teens

Through Adopted Eyes: A Collection of Memoirs from Adoptees (Elena Hall)