Country of Origin

These are groups setup and run by intercountry adoptees for adoptees from a particular country of origin (birth country), group of countries, or continent.


Adopted & Fostered Adults of the African Diaspora (AFAAD)

Adoptés d’Afrique – La Voix des Adoptés (French language)


Adoptees from Asia (AFA)

Asian Adult Adoptees of British Columbia (AAABC)

Subtle Asian Adoptee Traits (SAAT)


Adopterede fra Bangladesh (based in Denmark)

Roots in Bangladesh (assists with Searching)

Shapla (based in the Netherlands, assists with Searching)


Network of Bolivian Adoptees

SKBoliviaLink (for Bolivian adoptees from the Salomon Klein orphanage)


Adopted from Brazil in Israel

Association Francaise des Adoptes du Brésil

Brazil Baby Affair

Brazilian Adoptees


Adult Adoptees of Cambodia


Adopted from Chile (Swedish based group)

Chilean Adoptees Worldwide (with special focus on the 1970 – 1990 irregular adoptions from Chile)


Adopteen Austin (based in Austin, USA for teenage intercountry adoptees)

British Chinese Adoptees: a subgroup of CACH-ALL

Chinese Adoptee Links International (CAL)

Chinese Adoptees in Quebec

Chinese Adoptees Sharing Stories (The World Adoptees Interpersonal Development WAI Society – based in the Netherlands)

China’s Children International (CCI)


FCCNY Young Adults 18+ (Based in USA, New York)

The Roots of Love (based in USA, for Chinese adoptees searching for parents in Chongqing)


Adopted from Colombia

Adopted from Colombia to Australia

Decoding Origins

Geadopteerde Colombianen in België (Adoptees from Colombia in Belgium and Netherlands)

Norsk-Colombianos Forening (Adoptees from Colombia to Norway)

Plan Angel Colombia (for Search & Reunification)

The Aftermath: Stories of Victims of Illegal Colombian Adoptions


Des Racines Naissent Des Ailes (Roots are Born Wings, led by adoptees but not adoptee only organisation)

Ethiopian Adoptees of Adelaide (South Australia, Australia)

Ethiopian Adoptees of the Diaspora

Lifetime Stories Ethiopian Adoptees

Tous les adoptés d’Ethiopie, l’Erythrée et de Djibouti (French language)


Geborener Deutscher


Greek Born Adoptees (based in Australia)

The Eftychia Project (based in the USA)

Roots Research Centre (based in Greece)


Adoptados de Guatemala, Adoptiert aus Guatemala (based in Germany)

Next Generation Guatemala (based in America)

Racines Perdues (Lost Roots of Guatemala: group based in Belgium)


Adoptés d’Haïti – Association Francaise des Adoptés d’Haïti (French)

Plan Kiskeya Foundation (based in the Netherlands, specialising in searching via DNA)

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Adoptees Network (HKAN)


b india belgen geadopteerd uit India (group for Indian adoptees in Belgium)

DNA India Adoptees

Lost Sarees

Voices of Adoptees from India


Indonesian Adoptees Worldwide (based in The Netherlands)

International Group for Indonesian Adoptees

Stichting Mijn Roots (based in The Netherlands for Search & Reunification)


Iranian Adoptees Worldwide


DnAdozione (for DNA testing)



325Kamra (for free KAD DNA testing)

Also Known As  (AKA)

Arierang (Dutch association for Korean Adoptees)

British Korean Adoptees (contact ICAV to be put in contact – they are a private group)

Belgium Adoptees of Korea (BAK)

Global Overseas Adoptee’s Link (GOAL)

International Korean Adoptee Associations (IKAA)

Jeong (Korean adoptees in Belgium)

Korean @doptees Worldwide

Korean Adoptees of Chicago (KAtCH)

Korean Adoptees in Australia Network (KAIAN)

Korean American Adoptee Network  (KAAN)

Koreani Adopttivi Italiana Organizzati (KAIO)

Koreanische Adoptierte in Deutschland (KAD)

Koreanische Adoptierte Deutschland e.V (KAD) and their website

Racines Coréennes (RC)

Swedish Korean Adoptee’s Network (SKAN)

Truth and Reconciliation for Adoption Community of Korea (TRACK)


Badael Alternatives (activity suspended until further notice)

Born in Lebanon (for Search & Reunification)


Coming Soon! (Contact ICAV to be connected with those creating this new group)


Connecting Nepalese Adoptive Families


Adopté es Péruvien de la francophonie (French language based)

Adoptierte aus Peru

Peruvian Adoptees Worldwide


Filipino Adoptees Network (FAN)

Filipino Adoptees Network Unite


Army of Adopted Romanians

Orphelins de Roumanie (French language)

United Adoptees of Romania


I’m Adopted


Association Adoptees du Rwanda

Rwanda en Zo Veel Meer (based in the Netherlands)

Sri Lanka

Adoptes Du Sri Lanka (based in France; assisting mothers in Sri Lanka looking for their children)

Asela’s Family Search Service (search service for Sri Lankan adoptees)

Back to the Roots (based in Switzerland for Swiss based adoptees; provides DNA kits to mothers in Sri Lanka)

Empreintes Vivantes (based in Belgium for Sri Lankan adoptees who speak French)

Geadopteerd uit Sri Lanka (based in Belgium and focused on searching)

Les enfants de Ceylan (based in France)

People Adopted from Sri Lanka (based in UK)

Sri Lanka Family Project (a search database based off adoption paperwork to link mothers searching with adoptees)

Sri Lankan Adoptees (based in Australia)


Taiwanese Adoptees


Thai Adoptees Worldwide


Adopted Vietnamese International (AVI)

Adoptés du Vietnam – La Voix Des Adoptés (based in France)

Amérasiens du Vietnam / Amerasians from Vietnam (based in France)

First Generation of Vietnamese Adoptees

Operation Reunite (for DNA testing of GI parentage)

Vietnam Family Search (for Search & Reunification)

Vietnamese Adoptee Network (VAN)

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