Post Adoption Support


… the most required and necessary element to encourage positive outcomes for intercountry adoption!

If any country facilitates intercountry adoption, ethically they should also provide pre and post support for the lifelong journey of those who are impacted.

Each Hague signatory country has a list of Post Adoption Support organisations. Some are provided by accredited adoption agencies, others by government funded NGO entities. For a full list, contact your Central Authority who is responsible for intercountry adoption. Here is where you can find the list of Central Authority by country who has signed the Hague intercountry adoption convention. They each list their Post Adoption supports available in theory in these reports, scroll through each report until you see section Part IX: Post-Adoption Matters.

At ICAV, we provide a list of Post Adoption Supports / Aftercare provided by adoptee led organisations* listed by their geographical base for operations. We end up creating our own supports to fill the gaps where our countries have not sufficiently provided for our needs. Our organisations are not usually government funded, so we are not usually listed in their formal supports. Remember that many of our adoptee led orgs provide a worldwide service, so it’s recommended to check each location for a service that might fit your needs.

*Canada’s list has been provided by the Canadian Central Authority in 2020 and is not adoptee led.

Searching Support

Together with our links above which list all adoptee led post adoption services around the world (some free, some at a cost), see also ICAVs Search & Reunion Resources for preparing those considering searching, a comprehensive paper from those who have searched and reunited, DNA advice, and adoptee groups who have provided birth country specific search guides.

Suicide Awareness

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Abuse Awareness

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