Here we provide a list of intercountry and transracial adoptee led formal post adoption services located in the USA:

Search Reunion Services

325Kamra (DNA testing kits provided to all Korean intercountry adoptees)

Healing Puentes (based in Colombia, USA Colombian adoptee provides a search/reunion service for Colombian adoptees and families)

International Child Search Alliance (for Chinese birth family searching help)

Operation Reunite (Vietnamese adoptees internationally searching for GI fathers in the USA using DNA)

Counselling Therapy Services

Adoptee Therapists (a comprehensive list for counselling)

Adoption Mosaic / Astrid Consulting (counselling, peer support, education)

Adoption Wellness (counselling, based in Wisconsin)

Beyond Words Counselling & Consulting (counselling, based in California)

Copihue Counselling (based in Arizona, TX)

Forbes Psychotherapy Practice (based in New Haven, CT)

Hiking the Heart Counselling Services (based in Wisconsin, Florida & Hawaii)

Marcella Moslow (trauma and play therapy, based in NY)

Meg Eifrig Grief Therapy (based in Illinois)

Meggin Nam Holtz (counselling based in NY)

Mindful Forgiveness (based in Hawaii, provides free Mindfulness Training over zoom)

MCSCounsel (counselling, based in Texas)

Nooma Consulting (peer mentoring for adoptees & adoptive parent consulting)

Therapy Redeemed (counselling, free initial consultation for adoptees and adoptive families)

Unconditionally Adopted (therapy & mentoring for adolescent and young adult adoptees, specialises in sexual abuse counselling)

Yoffe Therapy (therapy for child, adult, parent)

Other professional C.A.S.E adoption competent therapists (not adoptee led)

Other Post Adoption Services

AdopteeHub (variety of post adoption services, based in Minnesota)

Adopted, Chosen, Loved (A Chinese adoptee mentorship space)

AdopteeBridge (variety of post adoption services, based in Minnesota)

Adoptee Rights Campaign (advocacy and support for intercountry adoptees without US citizenship)

Amara (post adoption program, based in Seattle, WA)

Celia Center (adoption, foster care support for all in the constellation, based in LA)

Spence-Chapin (teen mentor program with adult adoptee, based in NY)

Informal Peer Support

For a list of intercountry adoptee led informal peer supports click here.