Here we provide a comprehensive list of formal post adoption supports in Australia.

Adoptee-led Post Adoption Support

Adoptee Therapists Australia

For a list of intercountry adoptee led informal peer supports click here.

Nationwide Post Adoption Services

funded by Federal Government available and specific for all Australian based intercountry adoptees:

For free counselling, case management, therapeutic groups, small grants & bursaries, education & training: contact Relationships Australia.

For answers to any questions relating to Intercountry adoption not in scope for psychologists or searching services, adoptees can contact the Federal Intercountry Adoption Australia hotline e.g. visa / passport questions, sending country contacts or queries, other adoption services in your state/territory.

See updated information for passport and citizenship process for Australian intercountry adoptees.

State and Territory Services

funded by their State Governments:

Each department of adoption is a useful place to start if you are wanting a copy of your adoption records.

The funded post adoption service by state provides support for all adoptions (domestic and intercountry).

Australian Capital Territory

ACT Community Services
Family Information Service

New South Wales

Department of Family and Community Services
Adoption Information Unit

The Benevolent Society
Post Adoption Resource Centre – PARC

Northern Territory

Department of Children and Families
Adoption Unit


Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services
Adoption Services

The Benevolent Society
Post Adoption Support Queensland (PASQ)

Adoption Jigsaw Queensland

South Australia

Department for Child Protection
Adoption Unit

Relationships Australia (SA)
Post Adoption Support Service (PASS)


Department for Health and Human Services
Adoption and Permanency Services 


Department of Human Services
Adoption and Permanent Care

Family Information Networks & Discovery (FIND)

Permanent Care and Adoptive Families (PCA Families)