We recognise the lifelong journey of adoption can often be very difficult for those who live it. Sometimes adoptees choose to leave this life all too early and we wish to honour their life, their experience and make sure they are never forgotten.

ICAV maintains a Facebook Memorial page to keep track of intercountry adoptees who die from suicide or are killed by adoptive families. It’s important not to forget these darker sides of intercountry adoption because they teach us an important lesson: that relinquishment and adoption have a very personal impact that is not always visible nor addressed.

At ICAV we do not wish to ignore these experiences but uphold and honour the lives of our fellow adoptees for whom we wish things could have been so very different!

Listen to Adopted Feels 3-part podcast, created in collaboration with ICAV, dedicated to adoptee suicide.

Over the years, ICAV has provided a number of blogs written to raise awareness on Adoptee Suicide: