Here we provide a list of podcasts created by intercountry and transracial adoptees from around the world, listed by country of origin:


Somewhere Between, by Maia Mortimer originally named adoptEd


Chilean Adoptees Worldwide (CAW) podcast


China’s Children International (CCI) podcast

Addy LC, Adoptee Meets World

Tara, Adopted Babies from China

Annie Prafcke with Prairie Public Broadcasting, Chinese Adoptees: Not Abandoned or Alone

Grace Tomlinson, Made in China

Rare Disease Adoptee Advocate Daniel Price


Melissa Richards, Adoptee Thoughts

Plan Angel’s, Unboxing Adoption

Lina’s podcast, Rescripting the Narrative


Gabriel Ovalier, Adoptions Podden with various intercountry adoptees, in English and Swedish

Hekima Jaali, Gyvoir Podcast

Lanise A Shelley, When They Were Young

South Korean

Mike McDonald, The Rambler with various intercountry adoptees

Kaomi Goetz with South Korean adoptees who return to live in South Korea, Adapted Podcast

Hana Crisp and Ryan Gustafsson from Australia, Adopted Feels

Nicole Chung in the USA, Asian Enough

Soorien Zeldenrust and Niels Lam, Gewenbijzonder (Dutch)

Adam Goodman and the Gide Foundation in the USA

Benny Stiemsma and Shene Randall from the USA, Seoul Conversations


Veronica Stetler, The Stage of An Adoptee’s Mind

Sri Lankan

Dilani Nabuurs, Adoptie & Mindset (in Dutch)


April Dinwoodie shares on transracial adoption

Angela Tucker on transracial adoption


UK podcast Adoption Arena created by Joy Carter


Kim Noonan in Australia, Multiracial Whiteboy