All Inclusive Groups

Here is a list of intercountry adoptee led groups who include adoptees of any country of origin, based in receiving (adoptive) countries:

Australia has InterCountry Adoptee Voices (international peer support network and advocacy hub) and Adoptation (regular online peer support group for Australian local and intercountry adoptees).

Belgium has Adoptie Schakel and L’écho des adoptés Belges (French).

Canada has French language based L’Hybride and RAIS both in Montreal.

Canada has English language based: Asian Adoptees CanadaTransracial Adoptee Community of BC (TAC, in British Columbia), Adult Adoptee Network is a meet up group (for all adoptees) based in Ontario, Subtle Asian Adoptee Traits (SAAT Canada).

Other organisations based in Canada run by intercountry adoptees who have a special focus:
Colours of Adoption is a Montreal book project founded to bring together an intercountry adoption anthology in French.
Out of the Fog is a podcast co-created by Ethiopian adoptee.
Adoptees On is a podcast and source of many adoption support resources by domestic adoptee.

Denmark has Transracial Adoption Skandinavien.
Special focus group Danish Korean Rights Group (DKRG) works to obtain recognition of human rights abuses in intercountry adoption from Korea.

A special focus group for Truth & Reconciliation about intercountry adoption in Europe is United European Adoptees (UEA), Subtle Asian Adoptee Traits (SAAT) Europe, Critical Adoptees Front Europe (CAFE).

Finland has Vuxna Internationellt Adopterade i Finland (VIA)

France has La Voix Des Adoptés (VDA), Entre Personnes Adoptées.
Special focus group to represent illegal intercountry adoptions in France, is I AM.

Germany has Adoptierte aus aller Welt

Italy has AdoptCloud, ArP Adoptic, Associazione Nazionale Figli Adopttivi (ANFAD)

Norway has Adopsjon i endring (AiE), UTAD Critical

Netherlands has Adoptee & Foster Coach (AFC), Adoptie Superhelden in Beweging,
Adoptiecafe, Wereld Kids (for teenagers)

Spain has La voz de los adoptados

UK has ICAV UK, Transracial Adoption and Adoption Arena.

USA has Adopteen (for teenagers), Adoptees of Chicago, Adoption Museum Project, Subtle Asian Adoptee TraitsI Am Adoptee, Transracial Eyes, International-Adopt-Talk, Transracial Adoption, The Adoptee Group, Adoptees who cut ties, Unite Our Dream, Network of Politicized Adoptees, People for Ethical Adoption Reform (PEAR), Yeondae. An all adoptee support group run by intercountry adoptees are San Francisco Bay Area; Dear Adoption provides a platform for all adoptee stories and is created by an intercountry adoptee.

Other organisations based in the USA led by intercountry adoptees, who have a special focus:

Adoptee Advocacy for Citizenship and Equality in the USA
Adoptee Rights Campaign (ARC) works to bring about legislative change for the estimated 35,000 intercountry adoptees, who currently have no US citizenship.

Global focus group led by intercountry adoptee: AQA (Asian, African, Aborigine/Autochtones Queer Adoptees)