All Inclusive Groups

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Here is a list of intercountry adoptee led groups who include adoptees of any country of origin, based in receiving (adoptive) countries:

Australia has InterCountry Adoptee Voices and International Adoptee Community

Belgium has Te Awa,  Adoptie Schakel and L’écho des adoptés Belges

Canada has french language based L’Hybride and RAIS both in Montreal;  Colours of Adoption is a Montreal book project founded to bring together an intercountry adoption anthology; and Bambou EDOO in french based in Quebec.

Canada has english language based Out of the Fog podcast based in Montreal covering all adoption co-founded by intercountry adoptee from Ethiopia; AdopteesOn another podcast covering all adoption by domestic adoptee based in Alberta; Adult Adoptee Network is a meet up group (for all adoptees) based in Ontario and Asian Adult Adoptees of British Columbia is a meet up group for Asian adoptees in western Canada.

Denmark has Adoptionspolitisk Forum

France has Racines Coreennes and La Voix Des Adoptés (VDA) The Voice of Adoptees.

Germany has Adoptierte aus aller Welt

New Zealand has I’mAdopted which covers domestic & intercountry but is founded by two intercountry adoptees, one Romanian, the other Russian.

Norway has Utenlandsadoptertes politiske utvalg (UAPU) adoptee political committee of Norway.

The Netherlands has Adoptiecafe and International Foundation Adoptees (SIG).

The UK has Transracial AdoptionThe Transnational & Transracial Adoption Group (TTAG) and Adoption Arena.

The USA has Unite Our Dream, Adopteen Austin & Adopteen Chicago (for teenage adoptees), Adoption Museum Project, Subtle Asian Adoptee TraitsTransracial Eyes, International-Adopt-Talk, Transracial Adoption, a PodCast compilation of intercountry and transracial adoptee voices at The Rambler and GlobalAdopteeTalk, Adapted Podcast is an American Korean platform, and an adoptee support group in San Francisco Bay Area run by intercountry adoptees for all adoptees.  A couple of proactive platforms run by intercountry adoptees that include domestic and intercountry adoptee experiences is Dear AdoptionOvercoming Odds and I Am Adoptee.

Other organisations based in the USA, who have a special focus:

Adoptionland works to politically draw attention to the human trafficking aspect of intercountry adoption.
AdopteeRightsCampaign who actively works to bring about legislative change for the estimated 35,000 intercountry adoptees, who currently have no US citizenship.
Adoptees4Justice who work to achieve just and humane adoption, immigration and restorative justice.
Family Preservation 365 advocates for the prevention of family separation.
International Adoptee’s with Disabilities for intercountry adoptees with a disability.