Dear White Parents

by Laney Allison, adopted from China to the USA.

Hi. I’m Laney Allison, adopted from Ma’Anshan, Anhui Province, China in August of 1994 by a single mom. I was raised in Dallas, TX and I now live/work in Washington, DC, USA.
I am a co-founder/co-president of China’s Children International.

You can reach me @Lane_Xue on instagram and follow the CCI instagram @cci_adoptees

3 Replies to “Dear White Parents”

  1. I think this is great. The only thing I would disagree on is the exhortation to teach your child to be an antiracist. Definitely support children to understand and recognise racism and to fight against it but antiracism has a specific meaning rooted in critical race theory. I think that this approach to racism does not reduce, but rather enhances racism and division.

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