NAAM 2019 AdopteeVoices #2

At ICAV, we invited members to share during National Adoption Awareness Month what they would like the public to know. Here’s another of what some of our members are happy to share.

I am not grateful to have lost my identity, family, birth country, language and culture.

by Daniel Walsh

I would like people to know that they can offer healing to adoptees if they would acknowledge our losses and experiences and take a moment to sit with that long enough to verbalise empathy.

I would like them to know that my pain has healed a little bit each time someone has managed to empathise from a place of imagination or experience. 

by Marie Gardom

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  1. I am “thankful I survived adoption” as it was never in my best interest as a child, to remove me from one country to another, so others could take advantage of having a child to gain praise from their church congregation, get tax breaks by claiming me as their child from the government, yet teaching me the meaning of “what goes on behind closed doors is the families secrets”. To then find out ” I had been given my citizenship” was the biggest lie I was told was even more destructive to my lack of trust in others, when I found out as a senior I stood to lose everything, and even be deported because “it was to expensive” when I was a child, the words of the adopted sister when ask why I was lied to. So adoptees to me have every reason to have trust issues, it starts as soon as the papers are signed by all who stand to gain, from the sale of a child.

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