Romanian Adoptee Online Event

Are you an adult Romanian intercountry adoptee? Have you ever wanted to connect with, ask questions and discuss your beginnings with a group of other Romanian intercountry adoptees? Questions such as: Why did I have to leave Romania? How do I find my Romanian identity and adoption paperwork? 

ICAV is an intercountry adoptee network providing peer support to the adoptee community. We are hosting an online event for Romanian intercountry adoptees who want to connect with each other and have the opportunity to meet with Mariela Neagu. Mariela was born in Romania and worked in Romania in crucial roles that gave her a lot of insight and understanding as to how intercountry adoption came into being – your beginnings. This event provides an opportunity to ask questions about the history of Romanian intercountry adoption and gain insight into how things were at the time.

The event will not be recorded so as to maintain a safe space for adoptees who wish to share freely.

Date: Sat 12 March
Time: 9pm UK
1pm Los Angeles USA; 4pm New York USA
2pm Edmonton Canada; 4pm Toronto Canada
10pm Brussels Belgium 
Duration: 1.5hrs

How to RSVP: Contact or FB Messenger Lynelle Long and request to attend this event. You will be provided with event details and confirmation.

About Lynelle Long – Host

About Sarah Spangler – Co-host

About Mariela Neagu – Event Guest