Lynelle Long

Founder & Executive Director, ICAV Blogger


Lynelle is the founder of ICAV, beginning in 1998. She is a Vietnamese adoptee residing in Australia (Sydney), was the Adoptee Representative on the National InterCountry Adoption Advisory Group (NICAAG) advising the former Australian Attorney General Department (AGD) who is Australia’s Central Authority for Intercountry Adoption, has built ICAV into an extensive worldwide network amongst the intercountry adoptee community and provided one of the first platforms worldwide for intercountry adoptee led organisations and individuals to collaborate, share, and encourage one another, regardless of sending or adoptive country.

She acted as a United Adoptees International (UAI) agent (an adoptee led organisation based out of The Netherlands, now defunct) for a number of years, was a member of NSW Committee on Adoption & Permanent Care, was on the Advisory Group for International Social Services (ISS) Australia who provided Australia’s free Search & Reunion service to adult intercountry adoptees, has built a strong and positive relationships with Australian Federal Government responsible for intercountry adoption (DSS & AGD) and most State Central Authorities in Australia. She has also built long lasting relationships with the majority of Australian NGO post adoption support organisations who provide intercountry adoption specific services to intercountry adoptees.

Lynelle has presented at many seminars to governments and related organisations nationally and internationally, including adoption related conferences. She has written, edited and collaborated to publish extensively on the experiences of intercountry adoptees. The book The Colour of Time was her brain child which she edited, compiled, and published in June 2017 in collaboration with ISS Australia, funded by the Australian government.

In 2019, Lynelle was invited to represent ICAV at The Hague Working Group to Prevent & Address Illicit Practices in Intercountry Adoption and brought together a group of leaders from around the world to contribute to this important forum. She was also guest speaker at the US Department of State Intercountry Adoption Symposium, bringing with her a group of 10 American intercountry adoptee leaders to have a say and become visible in American intercountry adoption policy & practice for the first time. Lynelle continues to elevate the adoptee voice around the world and encourage adoptee leaders to do likewise. 

Lynelle has an IT and business background, having worked at large corporations IBM and PwC. Her various roles have included managing large contracts, delivering outsourced services, sales and client management, crisis and problem management, managing high functioning IT specialist teams around the world, and bringing people together to deliver a complete IT service.

This website is funded and provided by Lynelle as a volunteer in her spare time.

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