Listen out for Adoptee Voices this November!

For some time now, ICAV has been sharing a number of voices from all over world as regular bloggers. This is important because each person has a different perspective based on their experiences and we don’t all see intercountry adoption the same way. ICAV believes in the importance of reflecting this reality. We choose not to gloss over the issues or view it through a small lens. Instead, we acknowledge adoption to be a very complex experience stemming from multifaceted social, political, legal and economic causes.

This November, due to the mass promotion of adoption we usually see at this time of the year which doesn’t always come from those with lived experience, we are bringing you a special collection from our ICAV blogging team. We aim to address a few of the usual questions intercountry adoptees get confronted with at some point in our life. Our collection of responses aims to provide a broader perspective on the topic compared to other stakeholders in adoption.

During November, in between the blogging team collective, we will also be presenting you a range of individual pieces from some of the members in our worldwide ICAV network.

I hope you enjoy hearing from a variety of people during this coming month and I thank ALL of ICAVs contributors for sharing! It is so important that the adoptee voice is heard!


InterCountry Adoptee Voices (ICAV)

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