Search & Reunion

Search & Reunion: Impacts & Outcomes Perspective Paper a worldwide collation of over 40 intercountry adoptees from 14 countries of origin, sharing the ups and downs of searching, with hopes of reunion with original families, and in many cases, the complexities after reunion.

Review & Summary by Thomas Graham, editor of the Australian Journal of Adoption and owner of Ipsify, sequel to the journal.

Read our useful Contemplating Searching guide written specifically for intercountry adoption contexts – for those adoptees who want to search but have no idea where to begin.

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For specific sending country information on how to conduct the search, there is only one publically available resource I’m aware of for Korean adoptees, provided by SKAN Birth Family Search Booklet.

The Chinese intercountry adoptees worldwide are also in the process of producing such a guide, coming soon.  Link to CCI Birth Parent Search Manual project.