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InterCountry Adoptee Voices, previously known as ICASN (InterCountry Adoptee Support Network) began in 1998 in Sydney, Australia by intercountry adoptees for intercountry adoptees of any country of origin.

Our membership includes intercountry adoptees from all over the world with many leaders of intercountry adoptee led groups from Europe, Canada, USA, UK, and Australia.

More about ICAVs beginnings.

ICAV offers a growing list of adoptee experiences, academic research, topic papers, news and information about intercountry adoption, and its services offered via this website.

Additionally, ICAV hosts a private Facebook group for intercountry and transracial adoptees only and a Facebook News Page for latest news and information from around the world, consolidated and provided in one spot, available to the public.


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Group for Adoptees
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News Page


To educate, support, connect, collaborate, galvanise and give voice to intercountry adoptees from around the world.

ICAV achieves this through:

  • Providing a safe supportive forum for adoptees to form their views and opinions while they grow through out their lifelong adoption journey.
  • Encouraging intercountry adoptees and intercountry adoptee-led groups to speak out and push for the rights of intercountry adoptees and original families.
  • Raising awareness in the community of the complexities involved in intercountry adoption on both the micro and macro levels.
  • Speaking out about the negative effects of intercountry adoption especially those of trafficking, rehoming, deportation / citizenship and abuse.



A world where intercountry adoptees are not isolated but supported by community, government, organisations and family throughout their entire adoption journey.



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