Online Events

An important part of what ICAV does is help adoptees connect to one another, share lived experiences and create a safe space where we can be together. ICAV also provides an educational space to share our experiences to the wider community. To achieve this goal, we host a number of online events to allow our members and the community a chance to connect through online zoom groups and webinar events.

Online Events coming in 2023

ICAV will be running a followup webinar for the wider adoption community on Reunion and Beyond.

Workshops exploring Race, Privilege and the Intersection of Intercountry Adoption

On May 21 for 3 fortnights, ICAV is partnering with HUE to host a 3 part online workshop for adoptees to explore race, racism, white privilege and its intersection with intercountry adoption. Click here to book a seat.

Later on 23 July for 3 fortnights, ICAV and HUE will provide a similar 3 part online workshop for adoptive parents to explore race, racism, white privilege and its intersection with intercountry adoption. Click here to book your seat.

These events are capped at 35 to ensure a safe space to explore the concepts and allow healthy interaction.

Previous Events

On 23 April, ICAV hosting a webinar for the community on Searching in Intercountry Adoption as Adoptee Experts. Our panelists hold the dual role of providing professional search and support services to our adoptee community plus their own search experience as an individual.

On Tuesday 22 November 2022 (Canada/USA timezone), Wednesday 23 November (Australia timezone) , ICAV hosted a webinar on Navigating Disability and Rare Medical Conditions as Intercountry Adoptees

On 17 May 2022 @ 2pm AEST for our Webinar: Racism in Australia as Intercountry and Transracial Adoptees

On 12 March 2022, ICAV hosted an online event for Romanian Adoptees to meet and chat together and with guest, Mariela Neagu who wrote Voices from the Silent Cradles.

ICAVs Video Resource Online Event in November 2021. The events were tailored for adoptees and professional to discuss the complex issues our video resource raises.

Reckoning with the Primal Wound by Rebecca Sansom screening during the month of September 2021.

In 2020, we hosted a number of documentary screening and online group events around the world:

Father Unknown by Urban and David Quint

Forget Me Not by Sun Hee Englestoft