Online Events

An important part of what ICAV does is help adoptees to connect with one another, to share lived experiences and have a safe space together. From our beginning days, ICAV has always held face to face events to foster peer connection and sharing. Since 2020, we have been challenged by COVID. Staying safe, dealing with COVID lockdowns, struggling with these isolating periods can be tough on adoptees. To help with this, ICAV has hosted a number of online events to allow our members a chance to connect through online video groups.

Current Online Group Events

ICAVs Video Resource Online Events in the month of November and December 2021. These events are tailored for specific groups: adoptee only, adoptive family only, and professional only groups, to discuss the complex issues our video resource raises.

Previous Events

Reckoning with the Primal Wound by Rebecca Sansom screening during the month of September 2021.

In 2020, we hosted a number of documentary screening and online group events around the world:

Father Unknown by Urban and David Quint.

Forget Me Not by Sun Hee Englestoft.