Jamie’s Poems


I wonder if they’ve thought of me?

As I of them each day

Both hoping and wondering

If fortune’s gone their way
I imagine where they dwell

And what they do to live

If they are alone out there

Do they have good cheer to give
I puzzle if it’s hard for them

Not knowing where I am

As difficult for me to think

They may not be really there
I hope they will search for me

As I will look for them

Many years since our war was fought

A new war in the air

Helps in reminding me

That time is getting short

January 2003


Dear Jasmyne

Every time I look at you

My heart is filled with pride

As I hold you in my arms

The joy I can not hide
The bliss that you’ve given us

Has swept us of our feet

A precious bond of you and us

Gets stronger by the week
The tenderness I keep for you

Would make a strong man weep

So when I tuck you in at nite

Have sweet dreams in your sleep

Love Dad

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