Meseret Cohen

WA Representative

Meseret was born in Ethiopia and adopted to Australia at the age of 14 years old after losing both her parents to sickness, then living for some years in the orphanage with her siblings. She remembers life in the orphanage and the difficulties adjusting to life in Australia as a teenager, no longer required to be the “mother” of her siblings and needing to learn English quickly.

She is passionate about sharing her life story and the complex issues she has lived to help make things better for those who follow. Her life story has documented in an award winning documentary named The Walk. Meseret has also been involved in ICAVs Video Resource for Professionals to help educate teachers, doctors and mental health professionals about the lived experience of intercountry adoptees.

Today Meseret runs an online peer support space named Buna and Chat for Ethiopian Adoptees, creating a safe space for adoptees to explore issues they face.

In her life outside adoption, Meseret is a life coach and public speaker and you can read more about her at the website.