First Impressions

Meeting my Korean Mother

Green mountains resting 

Scent of development

Wild traffic winding

Each car boasts a dent

Writing on faded walls 

Beautiful woman on street

Churches and neon crosses

Volumes of concrete 

Swift and silent trains

Harried, worried workers

Classical music notes

Kids on backs of mothers

Tall apartment buildings

Dirty looking houses

Ally cats slinking nearby

Everyone in trousers


Smiling stall owners

Korean souvenirs

Hairpins in pretty stones

Red kimchi dishes

Exquisite food to taste

A flash of silver chopsticks 

Eat it with great haste

Endless news on TV

North Korean’s feature

Sad family stories 

Reunion out of reach

Togetherness is vital

Holding in emotions

Parents feel responsible

For oncoming generations

My first impressions of Korea!


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