Dario’s Thoughts

I was born Dario Baquero on 13 December 1979 in FANA an orphanage in downtown Bogota Colombia. I’m mixed blood, Chibca (Muisca) and Spanish but it is with my Chibca heritage that I identify with most.

I have always had the dark skin and Indian features but it was not until I turned about 14 that I began to question my heritage. It was just small things at first that set off my interest – such as books I’d read and music I’d heard. They seem to trigger something deeper in side me. I began to research the history of Colombia and found out about the Native American people that lived there – and how the blood of the Chibca lived on in many of today’s people though they may not be aware of their heritage. From that point on I identified completely with my Native American ancestry and hungrily digested anything I could find on Native American cultures. It all made sense to me, as if a box that had been locked up inside me had suddenly been opened.

I had always known I had come from South America but the color of my skin and it’s origin had never been an issue. Suddenly, through all of this research, I had been given an explanation and a deeper meaning to my existence and my relationship with all things around me.  Identifying with my heritage had not come at a better time.

At a period where most teenagers are full with angst I was full with an inner peace and an inkling of an understanding of my place in the world based on my ancestory and Native American ways of thinking. It gave me a sense of purpose and belonging which still live strongly in me today.

I was adopted about 9 weeks after I was born and came to Australia. I have never been back to Colombia and do not speak Spanish, much to the dismay of many South American people I have met. But I do not regret being adopted. In fact I think of it as a blessing given to me by an extremely selfless person. If I had stayed in Colombia and grown up there I would probably be living in poverty and unaware of the great heritage I had inherited. I could quite possibly even be dead.

I have had a good adoption and it has provided me with opportunities that I would not have otherwise had. I am forever grateful for this as I now try and make the long journey back to my roots and the rediscovery of my ancient heritage.

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