Kelly Foston

Canadian Representative

Kelly-Ahn Foston, AKN: Soo Joon Yoon (South Korea) 

Kelly is a Canadian who was born in South Korea and adopted at 4 years old to BC, Canada. She was raised with 2 older brothers and parents who did their best, as they knew little about adoption in those times. She identifies as having a typical upbringing, but full of assimilation to a western world. In her adult years she developed a stronger purpose and calling; a journey that has led her to be apart of many cultural communities. Her faith comes from connection of earth and creator and ancestors. Kelly is in the process of learning and understanding Korean Ceremonial practices as she gains a deeper relationship with her birth country.

Kelly can relate to anger and joy and negative and positive experiences involving her adoption, often all at once. Strength comes from knowing it is a part of her identity and part of who she is now. 

Kelly is a Recreation Therapist and Life Coach who is passionate about helping adoptees and changing the systems for current adoption practices. She is the current president for Transracial Adoptee Community (TAC) in Canada and is passionate about furthering adoptee support networks. She aims to let adoptees of all nationalities know they are not alone and have a community of others with shared experiences.