Educational Video Project

On 8 March 2021, ICAV in partnership with Relationship Matters InterCountry Adoption Family Support Service (RM ICAFSS) began our newest project to create an Australian educational video resource for professional teachers, doctors, and counsellors.

Film Participants

With Australian intercountry adoptees, we aim through this video to share what we would love these 3 professionals to understand about our journey. They are often the front line professionals who have contact with us during critical stages of our lives. We hope this resource will help them better support us through the various challenges we face as adoptees.

This project is led by ICAV and involves Australian based intercountry adoptees who are filmed, sharing their thoughts and experiences. We aim to release this educational video resource on 31 August 2021 here at ICAV.

This project is led by ICAV, funded by Relationship Matters ICAFSS and The NSW Committee on Adoption & Permanent Care (COAPC) and supported by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.