Meg på K-Box Adoptee Takeover Night

Meg är en koreansk internationell adopterad, uppvuxen i Australien och en serietecknare. Hon gör till stor del självbiografiska och facklitterära verk som har dykt upp i The Nib, The Lily, Liminal Magazine, The Comics Journal och antologier bl.a. Comic Sans, Stadig kost, trådar som förbinder oss och den prisbelönta Eisner Drawing Power: Kvinnors berättelser om sexuellt våld, trakasserier och överlevnad. Hon har ställt ut serie-, animations- och filmarbeten internationellt, undervisat serieskapande för universitetsstudenter, utvecklat och levererat serieprogram till gymnasieelever med invandrar- och flyktingbakgrund med STARTTS, och konstprogram för elever i grundstadiet i Korea. Meg arbetar för närvarande på ett långtidsarbete baserat på hennes erfarenheter som asiatiskt barn till vita föräldrar i Australien, en nyligen levande period i Korea och ett misslyckat sökande efter sin koreanska mamma.

Hon skapade konstverket åt oss K-Box Adoptee Takeover Night reklammaterial och ZINE:

Meg presenterade också som en av våra adopterade artister och du kan se videon av hennes presentation här:

Du kan också se den i webbversionsformat för den som föredrar att läsa och se.


Ta reda på mer om Meg
IG: @even.little.meg

Kolla in vår Fotoalbum, Ryans och Ebony's presentationer från kvällen

Härnäst är vår adopterade artist ZINE och andra adopterade artister

Konstauktion för ICAV

As a result of my attendance at The Hague Working Group for Illicit Practices in Adoption meeting in May, I met with over 20 Central Authority representatives. One of them was the Executive Director of the Inter-Country Adoption Board (ICAB) in the Philippines. She has invited ICAV as a guest speaker to the 15th Philippine Global Consultation of Child Welfare Services in September this year. Who best to speak than Anna who is a Filipino intercountry adoptee and long serving ICAV Representative!

The work we do at ICAV is done via volunteer time and effort. Travelling around the world to share our lived experience is costly so it is hugely appreciated when others recognise the personal cost and offer to assist.

The amazing and talented Gabby Malpas (ICAV NSW Representative) has been generous by donating 3 pieces of her artwork to help Anna attend. Gabby is running an online Art Auction and the proceeds are being donated to contribute to Anna’s travel expenses. If you would like to support this, go to Gabby’s professional facebook page Gabby’s Art Auction, find the image you want to bid on, and add your bid in the comment by Wed 31 July 11:59pm AEST. The highest bidder wins and the proceeds will be donated, with Australian tax deductibility, towards Anna’s travel expenses.

I would like to personally thank Gabby for her amazing generosity in this specific instance, but also for her long serving role within ICAV as one of our NSW Representatives! Gabby gives her time to many areas in post adoption support. She continues to run her watercolour art classes for teenage Chinese adoptees in Sydney as part of her mentoring role for young adoptees and donates artwork to various adoptive parent and post adoption support organisations around the world because she is passionate about helping her fellow adoptees.

Here are the 3 pieces of artwork that Gabby is donating towards Anna’s travel costs:

All you need is love
Watercolour and gouache on Arches paper. 24cm x 28cm. Unframed. RRP $600AUD.
Story: For many years the standard adoption mantra has been “all you need is love”. I applaud the sentiment and I’m thankful to parents for opening their hearts when adopting a child.
However, we now know that love is sometimes not enough in the case of adopted children. There can be unseen trauma and issues needing to be addressed and in the case of intercountry and transracial adoption, issues around identity, racial discrimination and loss of culture need to be taken into account.
This can be confusing as the child’s life experience will be different to that of their adoptive parents – and the adopted child may be completely unprepared for a world of hurt once they leave the security and safety of their home environment and community.
Postage: $18 in Australia. $35AUD everywhere else.

I will not love you long time
Watercolour and gouache on Arches paper. 39cm x 28cm. Unframed. RRP $975AUD.

Story: Fetishisation of Asian women is still prevalent and seemingly acceptable long after it has been deemed unacceptable for other races.
I won’t/can’t complain about my own treatment as a young woman: I am no angel and I gave back more than I got, I am sure. But I painted this for those who come after me – they deserve better.
Postage: $18 in Australia. $35AUD everywhere else.

Rise above it                                                                                                                                           Watercolour and gouache on Arches paper. 27.5cm x 30cm. Unframed. RRP $800AUD.
Story: As an Asian living in western countries, racist incidents are not uncommon.

As an adoptee raised in a white family, I did not learn how to navigate this path and my experiences were dismissed as it was not a shared experience.
The well-meaning advice given constantly of “rise above it” was incredibly damaging. It dismissed my experiences, silenced me and consequently I grew up with very low self esteem, much self doubt and a rage that surprises me even today.
Postage: $18 in Australia. $35AUD everywhere else.