Here we list intercountry adoptee led organisations and individuals based in Europe who provide formal post adoption support / aftercare:


Miranda Aerts (adoption psychologist)

Renate Aera Van Geel (adoption coaching)

Benoit Vermeerbergen, Genealogical Research (DNA geneologist)

* not adoptee led: the formal Post Adoption supports provided by the Flemish Central Authority for adoptees in Flanders and Brussels. More info here on the Afstammingscentrum.

Direction de l’adoption (ACC) is responsible for post adoption support in Wallonia and Brussels (in French).


Adoption Healing Denmark (adoption counselling)

Psykoterapeut i Valby (adoption psychotherapist Jeanette Søm)

* not adoptee led: the Danish post adoption supports can be found här and for those suspecting illegal adoptions, you can reach out här for supports as provided by the Danish Central Authority.


Wael Maajoud (adoption psychologist – psychotherapist counselling)

Expat Village (intercultural education and coaching for expat families)

Rajavtar (yoga and art for adoptees)


Melanie Kleintz (adoption counselling, coaching)

Henny Manz (adoption coaching)

Numaru (adoptee coach, virtual and in-person group support events & retreats)

Issberner Coaching (adoptee coach)

*not adoptee led: in Germany there is one federal Central Authority – the Federal Office of Justice – and 12 Regional Central Authorities. The regional Central Authorities are competent to do root searches. The Federal Office of Justice does not offer root search. The contact details of the German Regional Central Authorities can be found here at their website.


Margarita S Assettati Centro Adozione Minori e Famiglia (adoption psychologist – psychotherapist)

Prismaluce (adoption psychologist)


Adoption Coach (adoption counselling, coaching, education & training)

Adoptiecoach Soo Bijzonder (counselling, coaching)

Adoptie uit Indonesia (DNA testing made avail to Indonesian mothers)

An Sheela Coaching (adoption coaching)

Asela’s Family Search Service (Sri Lankan family searching support)

Bina Coaching (adoption coaching)

Chilean Adoptees Worldwide (CAW) (Chilean family searching support)

Hartini (adoption coaching)

Geadopteerd en nu (coaching for Chinese & Taiwanese adoptees)

Gewoon Niels (adoption & LGBTI coaching)

Palika (adoption counselling, coaching)

Plan Angel (Colombian family searching support)

Plan Kiskeya Foundation (Haitian DNA search & reunion)

Stichting Mijn Roots (Indonesian family searching)

Sri Lanka Family Project (Sri Lankan DNA searching support)

Tussen Werelden (adoption coaching)


Bråten Måten (adoption coach)


Espai Sistemic i Humanista (psychologist, constellation therapist)


Anna Amazeen (Master of Social Work, psychodynamic therapist)

Anna Elmund (adoption psychologist & psychotherapist)

Hanna Wallensteen (adoption psychologist)

Lovisa Kim (adoption psychotherapist)


Sri Lankan Adoptee Root Search Guide (based in Switzerland, Tillbaka till rötterna, Switzerland) in engelsk, franska, tysk

*not adoptee led, this is the formal Post Adoption support website provided by the Swiss Central Authority, in particular, the first attached document is the contacts throughout the 26 cantons who are responsible to provide support and counselling in Search for Origins to adoptees and families.


Born in Lebanon (Lebanese searching support)

Informellt kamratstöd

För en lista över internationella adopterade ledda informella peer-stöd klicka här.