Over 25 years of individual intercountry and transracial adoptee’s experiences, views, thoughts shared here, in their own words, listed in alphabetical order with birth country of adoptee in brackets:

A Thai Adoption Story
A Questionable Indian Adoption
Övergiven av alla (Ethiopia)
Abduction, Adoption & Abuse (India)
Abuse in Adoptive Families
Adoptee Body Keeps Score (Malaysia)
Adoptee Experience of Transracial Adoption (Vietnam)
Adoption är komplicerat (Colombia)
Analee’s Speech for Adoptive Parents (Vietnam)
An Iranian Intercountry Adoption
Art from the Heart (South Korea)

Bolivian Return Trip 2022 (Bolivia)
Brokenness in Adoption (China)
But He’s Not Your Father (Iran)

Cath Turner Finds her Birth Mother (Vietnam), Returning for 3 Months & Cath Turner Shares in her BOLD talk and Documentary
Celebrating Secrets & Sadness (Malaysia)
Chasna’s Story (India)

Daniel’s Thoughts (Lebanon)
Dario’s Thoughts (Colombia)
Daughter of Danang Finds her Family (Vietnam)
Dear Adoptive Parents (Vietnam)
Dear Belonging (China)
Dear Family (Vietnam)
De-twinned by Intercountry Adoption (Vietnam)
Divided by Two Cultures (China)
Divorce and the Transracial Adoption Fear (Vietnam)
Do your Eyes Light Up when I Walk into the Room (Vietnam)

Ellie’s Search for Korean Family
Emma’s Poem (Vietnam)
Förväntningar på tacksamhet vid adoption (Vietnam)

Faith’s Experience of Racism (Vietnam) & Faith’s Hurts
First Impressions (South Korea)

Sörjande mamma (China)

Having a Hindi Wedding (India)
Hollee McGinnis om identitet (South Korea)

I Did it for You: The Paradox of Adoption (South Korea)
I May Not Remember, but I’ll Never Forget (Vietnam)
Identity, Home & Family & Stories about Home (South Korea)
Identity Lost & Found (Colombia)
Ilan’s Poem (Taiwan)
In My Own Words (Hong Kong)
Indigo’s Poem Samma ögon, annan syn, From Dust to Desert & Return During Tet (Vietnam)

Jamie’s Poems & Jamie’s Return to Vietnam
Jen’s Return to Sancta Maria (Vietnam)
Joey’s Journey as a Male Chinese Intercountry Adoptee

Kim’s Vietnamese Australian Life & From His Adoptive Father
Kripa Shares with Adoptive Parents (India)

Lal Shah’s Story: My Own Personal Holocaust, Fri som en fågel (Pakistan/Scotland) & his Adoptive Mother’s Story
Leave Room (Russia)
Life After Reunion in the Philippines
Lifelong Impacts of Cross Cultural Adoption (Vietnam)
Lynelle’s Thoughts after Insight (Vietnam)

Madhu’s Story (India)
Moving Forward from Yesteryear’s Intercountry Adoption Processes (Philippines)
My Journey into Same Race Family (India)
Min resa till frihet (Vietnam)
Min mamma (Vietnam)
My Story Changes with Time (South Korea)

Negative Externalities of Intercountry Adoption (South Korea)
No Mother No Child & Update (Colombia)
Not Good Enough (South Korea)
Inte mitt adoptivbarn (Malaysia)

One Child Policy Impacts (China)
Overcoming Bullying (China)

Perils of a Foreign Born Adoptee (Spain)

Re-Imagining (the) Work in/of Literature (Vietnam)
Return to Birthland (Vietnam)
Return to the Unknown (Vietnam)

Saran’s Speech (Vietnam)
Sarnia Thi Mai’s Poetry (Vietnam)
Secrets and Lies (Vietnam)
Stolen and Adopted to Belgium (Guatemala)
Stop Sending Babies Abroad (South Korea)
SueYen’s Speech at the First Gathering of Adult Intercountry Adoptees in WA

Telling my mother (Greece)
The Face in the Mirror (South Korea)
The Girl on the Plane (South Korea)
The Importance of Pre & Post Adoption Support
Vikten av rasspeglar
The Janus Tree (South Korea)
The Least Expected Becomes the Unexpected (Philippines)
The Rights of the Child (UK)
The Torment of War (Vietnam)
Tankar till adoptivföräldrar from Lynelle & Adoptive Parent Julia Rollings

Understanding Adoption and Birth Country (Colombia)
Understanding My Adoption in (K)new Ways (China)
Unravelling the Mystery (India)

What is it like to be Adopted (Vietnam)
When it’s time to go home (Greece)
När smärta och förlust är för mycket (India)
Vem är jag nu? (Chile)
Who’s Selling the Banana’s (Vietnam)
Varför? (South Korea)

Yes, we love this country (South Korea)
You can always tell a German, but you can’t tell ’em much! (Germany)

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