European Post Adoption Support

Here we list adoptee led organisations based in Europe who provide post adoption support, also provided to adoptees located elsewhere:

Adoption Coach (in Dutch) and Adoption Constellations  (in English)

Adoption Healing Denmark

Asela’s Family Search Service (Sri Lankan searching)

Born in Lebanon (Lebanese searching support)

Bråten Måten (Norwegian based adoptee coach)

Miranda Aerts (Belgian based clinical psychologist post adoption services)

Palika (Rotterdam, NL based adoption therapist and coach)

Plan Angel (Colombian searching support)

Plan Kiskeya Foundation (Haitian DNA search & reunion)

Prismaluce (Italian based clinical psychology post adoption)

Stichting Mijn Roots (Indonesian searching support)

Sri Lanka Family Project (Sri Lankan DNA searching support)

Sri Lankan Adoptee Root Search Guide (provided by Back to the Roots, Switzerland) in English, French, German