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Open Invitation to Contribute to ICAV Perspective Paper

Topic: US Citizenship – what do you think?

Many around the world are probably aware of the harsh issue facing intercountry adoptees raised in the USA who currently don’t have citizenship but were adopted prior to 1983. Some estimate that Korean adoptees alone without citizenship could number around 18,000. So when one takes into consideration all the other 90 plus countries of origin that we are adopted from, who knows how many thousands might be impacted?  Some estimate around 35,000.

ICAV would like to explore the experience and impacts of not having citizenships from adoptees themselves. This is our voice on this topic. The collation will be used to help educate the US Govt, Politicians and Adoption Agencies on what we think about this important issue, including our suggestions to remedy and / or provide support.

If you would like to participate and you DON’T have Citizenship, here are some starting points to guide your thinking of what we would love to see shared. They are simply a guide, so if you have other thoughts and views not suggested, please do share. You can choose to have a pseudonym if you wish to remain anonymous.

Questions to think about as a starting point:

  • please share a little about yourself, what country you are adopted from, what adoption agency facilitated your adoption, your adoption journey, and how you came to realise you don’t have US Citizenship and what you have done so far to obtain it
  • how does this make you feel?
  • what impact is this having on your daily life?
  • what emotional, social, financial, legal support are you able to access for this issue?
  • what is your feedback about these supports (or lack of)?
  • how does this make you feel about your intercountry adoption? about being American?
  • what would you like to tell US Govt Depts & agencies involved?
  • what recommendations would you give to other adoptees facing the same problem in Citizenship?

For those not directly impacted by a lack of US Citizenship (whether you are in the USA or another Country), if you would like to contribute your thoughts on this topic in support of your peers who do face this crisis .. please feel welcome to provide any input which will also be included in this paper.

Some points for inclusion could be:

  • what country you are adopted from and to and which agency facilitated this?
  • whether you have experienced any Citizenship issues?
  • how that made you feel and it’s impact?
  • how the issues were solved, if at all?
  • what are your views about the battle our US peers face, who are struggling to obtain their Citizenship in the current political climate?
  • what could governments, agencies, and organisations do better to support this issue?

Please direct all replies to Lynelle or Facebook to Lynelle Long by May 31, 2017.

Submissions will be kept in confidence as ICAV understand the issues of concern and need for privacy. Feel free to spread this open invitation to participate around.

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Lynelle Long
InterCountry Adoptee Voices

For anyone seeking information on how to obtain their US Citizenship, please see the link provided by US State Dept.  Please note, it has been pointed out US State Dept info maybe incorrect as a US Passport does NOT prove Citizenship, only the Certificate of Citizenship (CoC) proves Citizenship.

ICAV has the support of Adoptee Rights Campaign (ARC) who have been working tirelessly on this issue for the past few years.  Their valuable efforts have been amazing!