Resources for Counsellors

Adoption Competency Training

Australian Psychological Society Forced Adoption Training: To access this training go to:

CASE Adoption Competency Training (USA)

Adoptee Foster Coaching (AFC) Training (Netherlands)

School for Systemic Consciousness (Netherlands, training in adoption and relinquishment)

Other Resources

The Psychological Adjustment of Transracial Adoptees: An Application of the Cultural-Racial Identity Model by Amanda Baden

Promoting Adoption Clinical Competence in Mental Health Professionals by David Brodzinsky

Adverse Relinquishment and Adoption Experiences (ARAEs) Assessment by Mari Dolfi

Microfictions and Microaggressions – Counselors’ work with Transracial Adoptees in Schools

Do You Know Your “Real” Parents? and other Adoption Microaggressions by Amanda Baden

What is Adoption? Video for Kids by Jeanette Yoffe

Forced Adoptions in Australia: Supporting People Affected by Forced Adoptions

Adoption Therapy: Perspectives from Clients and Clinicians on Processing and Healing Post Adoption Issues (book)

Adoption Specific Therapy: A Guide to Helping Adopted Children and their Families Thrive (book)

Beneath the Mask: Understanding Adopted Teens – Case Studies & Treatment Considerations for Therapists & Parents (book)

Handbook of Adoption: Implications for Researchers, Practitioners, and Families (book)

Working with Adopted People by Dr Susan Green

Adoptions Issues in Health Care Settings by Deborah H Siegel

Blue Knot Foundation: Talking About Trauma – Guide to Conversations and Screening by Health and Other Service Providers

Trauma and the Nervous System: A Polyvagal Perspective (video)

Adverse Childhood Experiences of Children Adopted from Care: The importance of parental warmth for future child adjustment

Good Practice Principles in Providing Services to those Affected by Forced Adoption and Family Separation

International Adoption: Counseling and the Adoption Triad

Brainspotting: The Preferred Power Therapy for Adoption

Why Brainspotting for Adoption Therapy: 4 Foundational Elements

A Guide for Therapy with Adoptive Families (by domestic adoptee & therapist Robert Hafetz)

Handbook for Clinical Treatment of Adopted Adolescents and Young Adults

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