Project Feedback

Below is some of the feedback which project participants gave about the project.


I offer a “heartbeat thank you” to the Australian government and our funders for giving a group of people whose voices are often silenced and ignored and otherwise spoken for, our own independent platform and voice to talk about our experiences as intercountry adoptees.

This project has been important in terms of helping make sure that what is always going to be a turbulent, emotional journey is hopefully made easier for current and future generations of intercountry adoptees.


I think projects like this are an invaluable source in helping others, especially those who are some of the first people to engage in significant contact with adoptees to help them understand and bridge the gaps, to hopefully enable a smoother transition for future adoptees throughout various stages of life, especially the young and vulnerable.


Thank you for asking if we were comfortable with the footage that had been chosen in the editing stage.  This made me feel safe and that my voice mattered.


Filming felt very comfortable and the team was incredible in calming my nerves and providing a safe space to share and to feel into the experience. The format with Lynelle asking questions meant it wasn’t just a ‘talk to camera’ experience but a conversation with someone I trust. 


I just can’t say enough how grateful I am we even got to do this. I feel like we need more opportunities to be able to have our voices heard and to speak. We should be encouraged when we suffer ailments and traumas. I feel like we were not seen before and this is ground breaking. It’s the first time in 30 years I’ve felt seen!


Meeting Lynelle and other adoptees has been one of the best experiences of my life. This journey has allowed me to have a voice and face some truths that I have been running from all my life. I love what this project has done for me and my own personal growth.


The online fortnightly group meetings were one of the best things to come out of the project as it linked intercountry adoptees and united that voice in a single conversation. The facilitation of the group meet ups was always consistent and very inclusive, striving to engage with all participants online.


Thank you for such an awesome opportunity for us to have a project like this. It’s been very powerful and is going to help the adoption community. I hope we have more funding to keep doing things like this. I’ve definitely enjoyed and have grown in the experience. I am super excited to see our work make a positive change! 

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