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Here we provide information about the Video Resource suite that we’ve created.

How did this project come about?

In 2020, the Australian Federal Government conducted a nation-wide consultation with the community to improve and re-design its post adoption support. In this response, one of the issues ICAV raised was the need for better education of key professionals who intersect in our lives and could be an earlier referral for much needed post adoption support. Dr Patricia Fronek’s research (2018) also supports the need for adoption education to service providers. The project came about because Relationship Matters (RM) who were funded by the Australian government to provide the Intercountry Adoption Family Support Service (ICAFSS), asked ICAV to give input for their professional development education series. ICAV suggested the project in this structure to ensure community input and collaboration.

Who funded this project?

This project was led by ICAV, funded by Relationship Matters (RM)  and The NSW Committee on Adoption & Permanent Care (COAPC) and supported by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

What was involved

The project began in March 2021 and took 6 months to complete.

A call for participation went out via social media and within 2 weeks ICAV had 31 adoptees who responded. An information session followed and from this, 21 auditioned. Following this, 8 were selected to be flown to Sydney to be filmed.

Throughout the whole project, fortnightly online group meetings were run hosted by ICAV to allow connection and sharing. Individual counselling was also available for all participants via the RM service.

In November 2021, Italian adoptive parents requested Italian subtitles which they funded.

In September 2022, ICAV funded the Swedish subtitles, initially requested by the Swedish Central Authority (MFoF).

Who was involved in the filming

Participants were chosen to ensure a diverse representation in age, gender, country of origin, issues they spoke about.

The adoptees are:
Aimee born in Taiwan, Benjamin born in Brazil, Chamila born in Sri Lanka, James born in Colombia, Jonas born in Haiti, Kimberley born in South Korea, Meseret born in Ethiopia, and Michelle born in South Korea. All have been adopted into white Australian families, with the exception of Kimberley who has a Chinese adoptive father.

Out of the 8, the following countries of origin are: Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Haiti, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan; and we have representation across the generations i.e., 2 in their 20s, 4 in their 30s, 2 in their 40s. This project was only open for adult intercountry adoptees, aged 18 years and above.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Read here for a complete list of everyone who contributed to this project.

Photo Gallery

Here we showcase some of the images taken during various stages of the project.

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