Here we list intercountry and transracial adoptee led formal post adoption supports based in the UK:

Search and Reunion Support

DNA Cambodia (DNA searching support)

Peruvian Adoptees Worldwide (Peruvian family searching support)

Counselling Therapy Support

Andrea Johnstone Counselling Psychologist

iNNERSHiP (adoptee coaching by Marie Gardom)

Art Therapy by Tia Terefe

Coach4Expat by Florence Chabert d hieres (intercultural education and coaching for expat families)

Adoption Arena by Joy Carter (educational workshops)

For domestic adoptee led, the OLLIE Foundation has created two videos:
The Unacknowledged Grief of Adoption
The Trauma of Relinquishment with Gabor Mate

Informal Peer Support

For a list of intercountry adoptee led informal peer supports click here.

For connection to transracial and intercountry adoptees, Transracial Adult Adoptee Network

For connection to domestic adoptee peer support and advocacy, Adult Adoptee Movement

For transracial domestic support and education, Adoptee Futures

Professional Support Recommended by UK Adoptees

This centre specialises in complex trauma and although not specifically adoption informed, very trauma, grief and loss informed. One of them specialises in “Intercultural Psychotherapy”
The London Psychotherapy and Trauma Centre

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