We provide a list of adoptee led formal post adoption services located in the Canada:

Counselling Therapy Services

Intercountry adoptees providing services:

Clinique Allegria (psychological & mental health service, based in Quebec)

Judith Alexis Craig (therapist & facilitator, based in Ontario)

Sabrina Conrad Therapy (psychotherapist, based in Ontario)

Kelly Foston (Recreation Therapist, Life Coach using leisure, hobbies and open discussions to support others in their journey, based in British Columbia)

Unconditionally Adopted (art therapy, counselling & life coaching, based in Vancouver)

Domestic adoptees providing services:

Therapists who are adoptees, featured at AdopteesOn (podcast run by Hayley Radke)

Alyssa Short Counselling & Psychotherapy (based in Anishnabe Algonquin territory, provides f2f and online)

Non-adoptee led services

The Central Authorities of Canada have also provided the following list of Canada post adoption supports and Québec post adoption support available to intercountry adoptees and families, in both French and English (not adoptee led).

Informal Peer Support

For a list of intercountry adoptee led informal peer supports click here.

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