Adoption Therapists Australia

One of the most commonly spoken about issues amongst intercountry adoptees, is finding a therapist who understands our journey. Here we provide a list of professionally qualified therapists, who run their own practice and offer services to intercountry adoptees and their families.

Intercountry Adoptees who are also therapists:


Gabbie Beckley (based in Taree; Masters in Social Work, Counsellor – provides online support)

Kimberley Lee (based in Sydney; Counsellor)

Asoka Naomi (based on Central Coast; registered Art Therapist)


Julie Colbert (based in Brisbane; Masters in Guidance & Counselling)

Leah Hamilton (based in Brisbane; Art therapist, Counsellor) contact her at


Kayla Curtis (Masters in Social Work, Counsellor; Therapeutic Life Story Work Australia TLSWa; Senior Counsellor at ICAFSS) or 1800 422 377

Min Mednis (Masters in Social Work, Counsellor)


Tara Davis (Registered Psychologist, Mental Health Counsellor)


Luke Carrangis (Clinical Psychologist)


Sunila Peterson (based in Mount Lawley; Registered Psychologist, Counsellor)

Carly Reid (based in Perth; Registered Psychologist, Counsellor)

Domestic Adoptee who are also therapists:


Gioia Piscioneri (practicing Somatherapy)

Adoptive Parents who are also therapists:


Deborah Vertessy (based in Peninsula region)

Other Professional Therapists with intercountry adoption experience:


Helen Fitzhardinge (based in Glebe; Registered Counselling Psychologist)

Suzanne Hawkins (based in Randwick; Registered Psychologist and sensorimotor Psychotherapist)

Janet Henegan (based in Crows Nest and Glebe; Accredited mental health Social Worker and Counsellor)


Narelle Nelles (based in Brisbane; Social Worker Counsellor) 0413 425 415


Heather Warne (based in Adelaide; mental health OT; Psychotherapist)


Louisa Shillingford-Brown (based in Melbourne, Psychotherapist & Specialist Couples Counsellor)

Gianna Mazzone (zoom services only, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Gestalt Therapist) 0419 841 683 or


Emily Parkinson (based in New Town, Registered Psychologist)

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