Individual Stories

This is where you will be able to find the experiences of intercountry adoptees at various stages in their life.  We include the happy, the sad, the unspoken about and the good.  We hope you will find it reflects the kaleidoscope of experiences that intercountry adoption encompasses in life – its complexities and wonders.

Some of the topics we explore:

Adopted and Abused

Adopted at an Older Age

After Reunion

Being Trafficked

Critiques of Intercountry Adoption


Importance of Support

Late Discovery Adoption

Lifelong Journey of Adoption


Remembering those before Adoption

Returning to Birth Country

Same Race Adoption

Searching for Birth Family

Secrets & Lies

Special Needs


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  1. I am adopted from Ethiopian by American couple but they never finalized my adoption in USA. well it is long story to make it short .. It is not fair to leave my birth country and come to new country and new “family “ be abused, mistreated, slave in their home and being punished b/c I was black. As a child I have no right to do anything except to endure the suffering alone. Being afraid, depressed, hurting and hiding my pains everyday. Trying to strong in the mist of my suffering and putting smiles on my face to hide everything so that I wouldn’t get in trouble. No voice to speak up the truth now being abandoned by they age 18… slowly I can unfold the truth and revel the story into the light…. I only want to share my story to inspire other adoptees who are stuffering .. I want them to know they are not alone…I want them to share their own story so that they can also inspire and courage other adoptees. I thinks we can help each other just being there to listen their story and support each other.

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