ICAV actively represents intercountry adoptee interests at Government meetings. Below we capture some of the Government meetings ICAV has been involved in over the years.

On 20 Sept 2023, ICAV was invited by the UN Committees and Special Rapporteurs to present for the 1st Anniversary since the Joint Statement on Illegal Intercountry adoption. View the event and all the resources we created for it here.

In June 2023, ICAV was invited by the New Zealand adoption authority to present with New Zealand adoptees on the importance of including adoptee voices in policy and practice. See our panel presentation here.

In April 2023, ICAV was invited to meet with the Australian Government DSS in response to a letter sent to the Prime Minister requesting an investigation and/or recognition of illegal and illicit intercountry adoptions. See the letter signed by the community in Australia with global support. See the meeting minutes from 28 April 2023 and our survey distributed to the adoptee community to gather feedback which was presented to DSS and captured in the meeting minutes.

In 2022, ICAV was invited by the Québec adoption authority to bring Canadian adoptee leaders to discuss Searching Supports. In 2021, ICAV was invited by the Philippine InterCountry Adoption Board (ICAB) to present at the Philippine international adoption symposium.

Some previous advocacy meetings: (click on the images to read more)

ICAV actively blogs about the needs and rights of intercountry adoptees. Below is a list of some of the blogs we have written specifically about our needs and rights.

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