Linzi Ibrahim

NSW Representative

Linzi is a Sri Lankan adoptee who met her birth mother when she was 19 years old. They both experienced a strong connection at reunion. She learnt about her circumstances at relinquishment and found that a family member stole her from her mother and placed Linzi for adoption.

Linzi and her mother got to know each other and lived together for a few days. Her mother cared and cooked for her, looking after Linzi to replace those days of having lost her baby girl. Those days are Linzi’s last memories of her mother for she lost her, for the second time.

Since her reunion Linzi has volunteered regularly at a children’s home in Sri Lanka. She immersed herself in the delicious food and culture. She has been back to Sri Lanka 5 times to work with the children at this home, since her reunion.

Linzi is actively involved within the adoption community. She understands the complex feelings and the emotional roller coaster experienced after reuniting with birth family. Many adoptees expressed how they come to her and share because they cannot speak about their feelings with anyone else. This has given Linzi a strong drive to help and be a friend to many adoptees.

Linzi believes more needs to be done to ensure the best interests of adoptees in intercountry adoption.

Nederlands (Formeel)