Jayme Hansen

Executive Director, USA Representative

Jayme Hansen is a Korean adoptee who was reared on a small dairy farm in Minnesota, which is the home of nearly 30,000 Korean Adoptee’s (KAD’s).

Professionally he is a decorated Executive Army Officer and currently works in the Office of the Surgeon General, USA. Previously, he was selected for the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and worked as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a large hospital and 5 outlying clinics in Germany. His previous post was as a US diplomat and the CFO of a research facility in Kenya Africa led him to work with Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology feasibility study. Jayme led a team of scientists and educators to work with the Korean KAIST team on the development of Kenya’s first Information and Communication Technology program and look for additional niche programs of study related to science and engineering. The outcome of the study lead to $44M secured and the land grant given by the Kenyan Government to build the first Ivey League level university in Africa.

Jayme is a CFO and has been very active in the adoptee community. Apart from his role in ICAV, he previously served as Board Member for 325KAMRA, a US registered 501(c) NGO. He was responsible for the volunteer led distribution and testing of DNA for the geographical region of Europe. Jayme tested hundreds of adoptees in 30 cities spread across a dozen countries in Europe that has contributed to the matching of 37 individuals who are tested in 3 continents. Jayme was instrumental in expanding the program to South Korea to actively search for biological family members in hopes of increasing the number of matches. The NGO’s work would not be possible without the free DNA tests that are graciously provided by Thomas Park Clement.

Jayme has more than 25 years of NGO working experience in three areas of focus: adoptee/orphan advocacy, promotion of support for single mothers and in the reduction of poverty. He has logged thousands of hours of work in numerous orphanages and charities that are located in 5 continents and is the recipient of the Korea America Friendship Society Medal by the US Ambassador to South Korea, American Red Cross Good Neighbor Award, Bronze Star Medal and the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (MOVSM) for performing substantial volunteer service to the local community as a member of the United States Armed Forces.

You can read Jayme’s collection of blogs written for ICAV.

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