Lived Experience of Racism in Transracial Intercountry Adoption

A week ago, an amazing panel of 6 transracial intercountry adoptees shared with me about their experiences of racism, growing up in a country where the racial majority does not reflect their skin colour and outward appearance.

The webinar focuses on Australian experiences because we provided this forum during business hours for Australian adoption and foster care professionals. In my experience connecting with thousands of intercountry adoptees around the world through ICAV, racism and how we suffer and live through it, is a globally shared phenomenon, regardless of adoptive country.

Listen to the shared experiences here at the recording of our panel webinar:
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Timecode for those who want to get to the relevant parts:

00:00:00 Introduction & why we discuss racism
00:03:27 Welcome to country
00:04:35 Introduction of adoptee panel
00:08:20 What does racism look like & its impacts
00:41:15 Suggestions on how we can be better supported
01:09:56 Questions and answers with audience
01:23:15 Thank you and summary of key points


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  1. Thank you fir this. I’m an American Korean birthmom whose daughter was adopted in a very mainstream American family where my daughters race was supported yet still a strange place for odd situations. As a birthmom the well-being of adoptees is so important in all its aspects. Still looking for good support for birth parents. If you have any good links would love to hear them.

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