Leticia Mendes

ICAV 미국 대표

Leticia is adopted from Colombia and raised in the USA.

She worked tirelessly from the age of 18 years old to find her Colombian family and in 2018, in a last-ditch effort, she found them. Unfortunately, she was too late to know her mother but found five sisters. Since then she travels back and forth from the USA to Colombia getting to know them.

In her 25 years of searching, Leticia has opened herself up to learning about the effects of adoption through personal experience and talking with hundreds of adoptees in the adoptee community. Her search has led to digging into the history of adoption between her home country Colombia and the USA which fuelled her passion into becoming an unofficial adoptee advocate.

She has offered her knowledge and help to many fellow adoptees. She has hosted adoptee meet-ups throughout Florida, performed and delivered DNA tests to biological families in Colombia searching for their children and even produced videos to help adoptees in their search.

Leticia will now move forward in helping her adoptee community by joining ICAV with the goal of making changes to policy on both the national and international adoptee community levels.