perils of a foreign born adoptee

i wish i were a giant
with feet ten miles wide
so i could walk across the ocean
and back to the other side
a goodnight kiss on one shore
to those i hold close to my heart
then a long hike through
the ocean deep and blue
to my beloveds on the other port
and then i would have a giant’s heart
to hold all this joy and sorrow inside
but instead i’m just this small, lonely man
and so i sit in the middle
and cry

perils of a foreign-born adoptee
미북한 인테리어 컬렉션

(c) j.alonso 2019

의 시 제이알론소 저자의 서면 동의 없이 복제, 복사 또는 배포할 수 없습니다.

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