“Search & Reunion Research in Intercountry Adoption”에 대한 한개의 댓글

  1. Dear all,Thank you for sending me the Search. Very interesting and informative. Our organization Roots Research Center does birth family search and reunites Greek adult adoptees with their families. We have expertise for greek originated adoptees adopted abroad as USA, Netherland, France, UK elswhere. Thank you again and we are open to any info about our services. Mary Theodoropoulou Founder and Director http://www.roots-research-center.gr

    lynellelong posted: ”

    첨부 파일은 검색 및 재회에 관한 아일랜드 학자 Pauline Senchyna의 최신 연구입니다.

    Search and Reunion in ICA- Lessons for Ireland’s intercountry adoption population as they come of age by PSenchyna Jul 2017″

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