Podcasts by Intercountry Adoptees

Asian podcast by Asian adoptees Somewhere Between, created by Maia Mortimer originally named adoptEd.

China’s Children International (CCI) podcast

Chinese adoptee Addy LC created Adoptee Meets World.

Chinese adoptee Tara created Adopted Babies from China.

Colombian adoptee Melissa Richards created Adoptee Thoughts.

Haitian adoptee Gabriel Ovalier has Adoptions Podden with various intercountry adoptees, in English and Swedish.

Korean adoptee Mike McDonald has a compilation of Podcast interviews with various intercountry adoptees at The Rambler.

Korean adoptee Kaomi Goetz has a collection of interviews with various South Korean adoptees who return to live in South Korea at Adapted Podcast.

Korean adoptee team Hana Crisp and Ryan Gustafsson from Australia, have Adopted Feels.

Korean adoptee podcasts hosted by Adam Goodman and the Gide Foundation.

Rare Disease Adoptee Advocate Daniel Price, adopted from China.

Transracial adoptee April Dinwoodie shares on transracial adoption.

Vietnamese adoptee podcast by Kim Noonan, Multiracial Whiteboy.