Ellie’s Search for Korean Family

Ellie Freeman, a Korean intercountry adoptee raised in Australia tells her own story of birth family reunion in Korea along with the voices of other Korean Australian adoptees, academics and activists – to give an insight into their realities.

The audio includes:

Ellie Freeman
Ellie’s Korean birth mother
Kerrie Freeman – adoptive mother
HeeRa Heaser – Korean American adoptee, PhD student the University of New South Wales
Seon Kee Woodley – Australian Korean adoptee from Melbourne, originally Perth
Tiarne Double – Australian Korean adoptee from Tasmania
Pia Meehan – Australian Korean adoptee from Perth
Hana Crisp – Australian Korean adoptee from Melbourne, originally Hobart
Carly Reid – Australian Korean adoptee from Brisbane, originally Perth
Tim Vanderburg – Australian Korean adoptee living in South Korea, originally Sydney
Andrea Kim – Korean American adoptee, Fullbright Scholarship researcher currently living in Seoul
Park Young Hee – Korean Australian actress and performer, who acts as the voice of my adoptee social worker



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