Lynelle’s Writings



Where is the Outrage?

Our Mothers and Families

Adoptee Desire to Know the Truth

The Truth of Intercountry Adoption

Voices of those Impacted the Most

What Intercountry Adoptees Need

Degrees of Being Trafficked in Intercountry Adoption

Personal Message from Lynelle (Views on the UNCRC & Hague on ICA)

Power of Peer Support

Vulnerable Children are not Blank Slates

Impacts of not being given Automatic Citizenship

Human Rights for Intercountry Adoptees

Twins Separated by Adoption

Trauma of Transition for Older Aged Adoptees

Search and Reunion: Impacts & Outcomes

When will Intercountry Adoptee Services be Provided by Federal Government?

Questioning our experiences of Adoption

When is Adoption NOT in the Best Interests of the Child?

Memories & Feelings of the Older Aged Adoptee

How do Adoptees Journey Over Time?

Complexities of Intercountry Adoption

Adoptee Experiences are Different but Share Much

In Who’s Interests are Australia’s Adoption Reforms?

Intercountry Adopted into Same Race Family

Why is it Important to have Intercountry Adoptee Voices?


Individual Story

Not Existing

Self Care and Healing

Return to Birthland

Expectations of Gratitude

Importance of Pre & Post Adoption Support

Lifelong Impact of Cross Cultural Adoption (seminar)

Adoptee Experience of Transracial Adoption (seminar)

Adoptee Anger

What is it like to be adopted?

Abuse in Adoptive Families

Lynelle’s Thoughts After Insight


Contributions to Books

The Colour of Difference: Journey’s of Transracial Adoption

The Colour of Time: A Longitudinal Exploration of the Impact of Intercountry Adoption in Australia

Pieces of Me: Who do I Want to Be? Voices for and by Adopted Teens


Multi Media

Contribution to Online Panel


Media Articles

Abbott’s plan to overhaul adoption laws

Compass: Passport to Parenthood

Nobody Here Like Me

SBS: Babies Without Borders

Other People’s Babies – Special Delivery