ICA Research

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Historically, much of the academic collection of research in the intercountry adoption arena has been driven and led by professionals with little understanding of what it’s like to live the experience.

This page is dedicated to compiling intercountry adoption research led by intercountry adoptee academics who bring a different outlook and perspective to the knowledge of adoption.

Amanda Baden
Multiple publications on ICA

Gabbie Beckley
Human Rights & Social Justice in Intercountry Adoption

Christof Bex
De Graeve Bex-Comparison between Transnational Adoptees and Unaccompanied Minors

Daniel Cidrelius
Tourism’s Role in Sri Lanka’s Adoption Practice by D Cidrelius

Farnad Darnell
Adoption Identity Darnell Johnasen Tavakoli Brugnone 2016

Peter Dodds
The Parallels between Intercountry Adoption & Slavery
Problems of Intercountry Adoption

Daniel Drennan (aka Daniel Ibn Zayd)
Multiple publications on ICA

Dominic Golding
Being White: Art, Writing & Performance Making by Vietnamese and Korean Transnational Adoptees

HeeRa Heaser
Korean Australian Adoptee Diasporas

Tobias Hubinette
Multiple publications

Eleana Kim
Producing missing Persons

Oh Myo Kim
Multiple publications on ICA

Gabrielle Guiying Kuhn
A Survey of National Identity in Transracial & Transnational Chinese Adoptees

Patrick Noordoven
Human Rights Under Pressure: The Removal of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child from the European Union’s Acquis Communautaire
Double Subsidiarity Principle and the Right to Identity

Rosemarie Pena (scroll down the page to find her name)
Contextualising the Black German American Adoptee Experience

Julien Pierron
Donnees Socio-Familiales de l’Adoption Internationale en France by J Pierron
Descriptive study performed from the first 800 records of intercountry adopted children to France seen at the Overseas Adoption Consultation Monléon J. V. Doctor CHU Dijon

Eden Robertson
Remnants of Adoption: Rejection Sensitivity, Attachment & Adult Intimacy Issues

Mary Robinson
Living a Parallel Life- Memoirs and Research of a Transnational Korean Adoptee by M Robinson

Prema Suma
An Autoethnographic Journey of Intercountry Adoption by P Malhotra

Jessica Walton
More than a Korean adoptee
Supporting the Interests of the Intercountry Adoptee beyond Childhood

Hilbrand Westra
International Adoption and the Fight for Human Rights by H Westra

Indigo Willing
Multiple publications
Intercountry Adoption: Privilege, Rights and Social Justice


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