Intercountry adoptees are usually adopted into an adoptive family of a different racial/ethnic background. This means that often the adoptee lives a life removed from seeing their racial mirrors and can struggle with developing a positive sense of racial identity. Daily micro-aggressions are common.

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In May 2022, ICAV ran a webinar panel on Lived Experience of Racism.

ICAV Perspective Paper: Lived Experience of Racism in Transracial and Intercountry Adoption (2022)

Being Raised by White People: Navigating Racial Difference Among Adopted Multiracial Adults by Gina Samuels

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International and Transracial Adoptees: Experiences of Racism and Racial Discrimination and Personal Coping Styles by Marijane Hsiao-ling Nguyen

Von der vorbildlichen Minderheit zur rassistischen Bedrohung: Die Erfahrungen chinesischer transrassischer Adoptierter bei der Bewältigung der COVID-19-Pandemie by Hannah M Wing

“You were Adopted?!” An Exploratory Analysis of Microaggressions Experienced by Adolescent Adopted Individuals by Karin Garber

The Language of Race – A Qualitative Study on Racial Identity Development of Transracial Asian American Adoptees by Christopher Pheneger

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Peggy McIntosh’s White Privilege Papers

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Should You Consider Adopting A Child of Different Race or Ethnicity? (by Dr Gina Samuels)

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Be the Bridge Transracial Adoption: Foundational Principles for Healthy Cross Race Parenting (downloadable PDF)

Guide – Strengthening & Supporting your Transracial Adoptee (pdf by Creating a Family)

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To White Parents with Brown Babies (Video)

Unheard (Amazon Prime documentary series giving first hand accounts of Racial Injustice in Australia)

Shareable Anti-racism Resource Guide

When Did You Turn Black? Identity Docu-series by Isaac Etter (transracial black adoptee in the USA)

ICAV blogs that speak about the racial issues we experience